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Prescription sunglasses Lock Rss

Hi - My son is almost 3 and wears glasses. He has an eye condition (aniridia) that means he can be sensitive to light. I would like to get some prescription sunglasses made up, but have trouble working out what sunglasses may be best to put prescription lenses in. Does anyone know any good brands of sunglasses for kids that would be ok for this?
Thanks for your help,
Have you asked the optometrists? I've worn glasses for 24 years and although I didn't get prescription sunglasses until I was older, I got frames from the Optometrists.

Maybe ones that are those "bendy" ones that won't break if they get hit when playing?

I'm sure I'll have to look into this eventually since I'm VERY short sighted - DS doesn't seem to have any troubles yet.

By the way - what was it that made you take your child to get his eyes tested and how old was he?

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