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constant coughing!!!!!!!HELP Lock Rss

My two year old daughter had the flu and now has a cough that she cant shake...the doc said there is no infection and her chest sounds clear but its not getting better. i was up all night with her last night, she coughed all night to the point of making herself sick anyone with any ideas on what may help please let me know PLEASE....
Even though this sounds weird but alot of kids have a persistent cough. I don't know why but it just happens. Have you tried giving her honey. It helps my son.
Also change of weather or Astma can hepl a cough linger around for longer

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Hi Kezal,
Does the cough get worse at night? Sometimes the cool, dry air at night can make a cough worse (we've all had a cold where we seem to start coughing as soon as we lay down at night - frustrating!!), and putting a humidifier in her room at night to moisten the air can help with night coughs. I'm pretty sure you can hire them from some chemists. Hope her cough gets better soon, because you both need your sleep!!

Kellie, mum to Emily 4yo, and Jack 21mths

hi kezal, i can certainly understand where you are coming from. our 18 month old girl had a persistent cough for 11 months!!! we tried everything from vaporiser, chest rub, bricks under the top end of her cot, pillow under her mattress, antibiotics, demazin etc etc. finally 2 months ago the doctor that had never seen our little girl before put her onto Bisolvan chesty cough mixture and the cough was gone within four days and has now been gone for 2 months, fingers crossed. this might be something worth talking about to your gp about before you start worrying about asthma etc. hope all settles down soon.
Hi kezal, my eldest would cough in the middle of the night until he vomited. My GP put him on a preventer for asthma. History of asthma in family. When I started vacuuming his mattress once a month we found he didn't need the preventer anymore.

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I went through this with Keira a few months ago. Had her at all the GP's who said it was nothing and just to give her Demazin & Panadol (which you don't want to keep doing) so took her to our Paediatrician who actually said it is Post Nasal Drip (Sinus) and she is now on Nasonex spray to clear it up. If I was you, I would get your little girl checked out for this too. It can be bought on by change of weather, colds & flus (but the cough & runny nose don't go away after 2 wks) & also a history in your family of sinus.
You don't want her to continually be like this, so if you can, take her to a Paediatrician who will give her a good check-up.
Hope she gets better soon.....
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