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My DD 2 and a half has been sick for the last month with a viral. She has been tested for Whooping Cough and given antibiotics for mild chest infection. I took her back to the dr as she wasnt getting better who put her on another course of antibiotics because she has bronchitis (sp?)my question is since she has started the last lot of antibiotics (monday) and hasnt eaten since Saturday, she hasnt had a bowel motion since Sunday and my daughter has always had regular motions. I mentioned this to the dr and she didnt seem concerned. Should I be worried?

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I'd be more concerned about her not eating since Saturday! I'd get a second opinion.
Hi there,

If she hasn't eaten anything, then she won't poo as there is no waste to get rid of. If you don't eat, you don't poo!
It is very normal to go off food when you are sick, but really important to keep fluids up. Will she take any soups or anything like that? Maybe a clear soup with chicken, corn and noodles?
I would definately take her back to the dr or a different dr if you think the a/b are having no effect or she seems to be getting worse. She must be pretty weak/tired if she hasn't eaten for that long. When you can, I would try and get some probiotics into her too such as inner health plus. Her gut would have been wiped of all its flora due to the antibiotics, so this will recharge it a bit.
But the poo issue, I wouldn't worry about.
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