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Conserned about my 4 year olds behavior & soiling him self Lock Rss

Hi all
My 4 year old son was easy to toilet train and was from 3 years old and about 2 months before his 4th birthday last October he started having accidents and always complaining of a sore tummy my partner and I just tried to get him out of it and we're taking him to the toilet every hour on the hour but after 2 months of trying we re getting no where so we finally made a drs appointment to see what we could do. Our dr ended up doing an extras on his tummy and realized he was very constipated to the point his blows were 5 times the size they should be and even pushed up more into his tummy. They started him on a powder laxative where I was to give him one scoop a day for the next 6 months it took about 4 weeks but he finally stated to get better and was doing great up until a few weeks ago, he had been doing well for the past 3 and a half months. He's still on his laxative and he's stated to lightly soil his undies and Ive started taking him to the toilet every hour but it takes 4-5 times before he finally gets it all out. We took him back to our dr and they have sent his records off to the pediatrician to review him so we're now waiting for an appointment but I had a request from the pediatrician to up his laxative from 1 scoop a day to 2 or 3 I did start doing it but it just made things worse and gave him diaharreah sad I really don't know what to do anymore I'm so stressed about it as he starts prep next year and really want/need it sorted out. I'm also conserned about his behavior he is very emotional for example hell have a snack in the arternoon and then ask for more and I'll say no you can wait for dinner and he will break down and cry for like 5 minutes, he's also OCD with a lot of things like he makes picnics all the time with plastic plates and pretend food and all the colors have to match with the color on a toy and if anyone touches it or if his 18 month old sister touches or stands on the blanket he will break down and cry about it. He also gets overly excited about things like if I let him play my iPhone and I get a new game his excitement is was over the top and then if he can't play it he will get up set and cry. Hes also gets over excited and disobiediant in unfimilar sourrounding Is this normal to me it doesn't seem like it. I'm so conserned for my little boy please any advice would be so greatly appreciated thanks for reading.
Regards Tamara
I don't want to concern you but you really do sound frustrated by this. I'm not saying he is as I don't know your son at all .... But my friends little boy is aspergers. Accidents is a massive part of this in conjunction with extreme behaviors. Her son had accidents every day in prep, particularly with number twos. She said his condition makes his bowels very hard to control.

If you have other behavior/development concerns about your son as well as his toileting issues I personally would consider speaking to your gp and ask an assessment be done

I really hope I havent offended but your post sounds so much like my friends little boy. Even with the extreme emotions and need to sort colors etc.

Good luck,
I was going to say the same thing as Ryjayd... I'm so sorry if it upsets or offends you, but it really does sound like your DS may be exhibiting some traits of aspergers. I had a child with aspergers in my class last year and a lot of the things you have mentioned about your DS are the same as my student.

I know it is not the sort of thing that a parent wants to contemplate, but at least an assessment will give you a proper answer and some strategies to help your DS. I wish you all the best xx

We had a similar problems when my DS was3 - he got badly contipated and needed enemas and many laxatives. Anyway I wont go into his whole story!1

Our paediatrician told us to remember that once they are badly constipated it takes the bowel up to a year to recover. The muscles are all stretched and take a long time to smooth back out.

He said the most important thing was to ensure he got the poo out. It is a hard balance sometimes and you little one might be having too much laxatives but thats not for me to decide - keep going until you see the doctor.

My concerns were the same as your - will he still be soiling for prep? I would actually cry thinking how cruel kids can be and would he get picked on!!

Well he started prep this year and its been a long 2 years but no soiling at prep. What works for us is to sit him on the toilet morning and night for 5 minutes and he will usually go once a day (we give him our phones to play games on although I dont think this is recommended). He is still on Parachoc 10mls a day but that easy.

Sorry for the long post but I really feel for you because I was in the same boat and swung between feeling sorry for him and wanting to yell at him for hiding and holding on to his poo's.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you need any support. I am sure he will get there just hang in!!!!
thanks very much ladies I have just looked up aspergers and the more and more i read it sounds like my son. I have just booked him an appointment with his dr to get a referal to see a psycologist to have him tested. Am a liltte about it but at least it will give me answers. I have always had it in the back of my mind that he could have something like that but i guess i just wanted to leave it there and not become reality. Thanks so much for the advice greatly appreciate.
Regards Tamara
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