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need some info and advice on aspergers Lock Rss

Hi All
I have been having alot of troubles with my 4 year old with accidents and behaviour. I posted on here yesterday about what happening and a few mothers said its a possibility he could have aspergers. You will see my other post on this page. I looked up aspergers and the more and more i read it sounds like my son, ive just booked him in with his dr to ger a refferal to see a psychologist. The things that he does that are symptoms its having poo accidents at least once a day, he has one thing he obsses about which is making picnics and everything is colour cordinated. If my self my partner or his sister touches anything even stands on the blanket he will brake down and cry. We have now stopped doing picnics with him as its best he does then by him self to save upsetting him to much. We try our very best not to yell him when hes doing something wrong but sometimes we forget. He is VERY emotional about everything if hes told no he will cry for about 5-10 mintutes most of the time we will try and reason with him and tell him why we have said no. Hes not that great socialy in unfamilar sorroundings. He can play with other kids but will eventually go off and play by him self. When playing with him and or when hes playing with his sister he sometimes gets a little ruff and if you tell him to stop he wont it we have to go and stop him. He gets overly excited about things for example when I do let him play the ipad or if i get him a new game hell get so so excited and then if he cant play it he will break down and cry. And when talking to adults and people hes always got a topic and half way throuh will get distracted and change to something else or just go all silly and start jumping around.Hes also pretty intelligent he defiantly verbalizes what he wants. Another thing is he takes things literaly like a lady called him a spunky monkey the other day and he broke down and said im not a monkey there naughty. Also my partner called him tajasorous (his name is taj) one day and he broke down and cried for half an hour saying im not a dinasor there dangerous im not dangeruous. I have stopped him watching tv as much as he use to, he doesnt get to play the ipad hardly at all. We all spend alot of time outside. I dont want anyone to get the wrong idea, he is loved so dearly by myself my partner and his sister he is my child no matter what he has or if something is wrong ill love him unconditionaly. But i think for peace of mind and answers I need to get him checked. Ive just stuggled so much over the last year and have tried everything. It has always been on my mind that he could have something like this but I guess i didnt want it to be reality, it still might not be but just trying to get as much info as i possibly can. i guess im just scared as i am only 21 and dont have much family for support. Any help or advice would be so greatly appreciated.
Regards Tamara
I don't have direct experience with aspergers but I'd highly recomend you speak to an occupational therapist as they would also be able to assess him. My daughters have sensory processing disporders and we've had huge success with an OT. There is loads of support out there sore Autism Spectrum disorders and the like, so although it's overwhelming at the start, there's support and help for you. Goodluck
Hi, you have done the right thing by going to the Dr to get a referral, you will be able to access stacks of info and assistance (and hopefully funding) with a formal diagnosis.
It is a he will be assessed and if he has a certain number of characteristics, he will be placed somewhere on the spectrum.
My nephew has autism, so PM me if you have any questions before your appointment and I will do my best to help.
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