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Warts....?? Lock Rss

Both inner thighs have a dozen or more raised spots.

At first I thought a rash, then after a while I wondered if they where pimples...

Now I'm thinking warts???

They are skin coloured and have a darker colouring or spot in the centre of each bump.

I've tried googling and found something called - Molluscum Contagiosum... wondering about this.
It could be Molloscum warts. They are harmless but contagious - has she bathed or paddle pooled with any other children?

My cousin's little one had them as a toddler, they went away eventually, but not before she gave them to my other cousin's DS when they had a bath together...
sounds like it could be a heat rash...
I don't think its heat rash - its been like that for a couple of weeks. My other DD used to get bad heat rash under her nappies. And this looks a lot different. Its not red or anything.
Yes this sounds like moluscum definitely.
My boy has the same problem as you are describing, it may be warts, I am quite sure. When I was googling about to see how to get rid of them I've got the remedy for warts, it is safe for babies, and it is harmless, just removes all warts in a period of time. It helped us, you may try, maybe it will help you too.
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