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  5. Umbilical hernia - anyone else have experience?

Umbilical hernia - anyone else have experience? Rss

My dd had one when she was bout 8 weeks old she is now 4 and has resolved itself. but if your worried take her to the dr to put your mind at ease
My DD had one when she was born, and it corrected itself before she turned one. The dr told me that if it hadn't corrected itself before she turned 4 ghet would do surgery. I've her belly button was previously 'normal' I'd definitely take her to the GP for a checkup.... Probably nothing, but it'll give you peace of mind smile

My first born had one that grew and grew up untill he was about 4 months then it started to go down. It was masive! It ended up being the size of a golf ball. We could push it all the way back in and then it would pop back out again. We were told if you could push it back in that it wasnt a problem. Do this regulary and keep an eye on it because the small risk is that intestines can get in the extra space. Our boys resolved itself, we did try putting gauze over it and taping it down but it just poked out the side anyway. Go see your doctor if you are worried and Im sure you will be told that its more common than you would know. We look back at photos now and cant believe how big it was, his belly button is now an 'outy'.
DS had one - it was like a drawer knob! We were told that they usually resolve themselves and this one did. All we had to do was keep an eye on it in case it got strangulated, apparently rare. It was also suggested that we tape a 50c coin over it (they were bigger 12 years ago) but also told that it didn't usually make any difference, so we didn't try that. We have some interesting photos - LOL.
i have one now after my 3rd bub and it doesnt hurt at all smile just looks gross unsure i was told that at my age it wont repair itself and ill have to have it stitched one day when im definately finished having kids but in the mean time theres really no danger assosiated with it as its only about he size of a 10c piece. the Dr said that childhood ones normally fix themselves tho.
My daughter was born with one, and it was quite big. I went to a few drs and although they said it was fine and will eventually go away i was still worried. So i went to a pediatric surgeon to get advice. Although she said the same as the other drs i felt she was more experienced in this area so i felt so much better about it. She said she had never come accross one which had ruptured and would review her at 12mths old. She is now 6 mths and it has fully gone, also has an inny now. i was told not to tape it up,this was done manymany years ago but doing this can actually cause problems.
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