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How to teach your toddler about their allergies? Lock Rss

Hi, I need to teach my DD about her allergy to peanuts & almonds but have no idea how to go about it.
Just after some helpful tips please.

Personally I think it's way to young to teach her or trust her to make food choices with a nut allergy. I would probably start an eating procedure so that any food that you haven't personally prepared or handed to her she needs to bring to you and then maybe a simple phrase like "it's ok, this food is safe for dd" or "not safe". My ds is almost 7 and I still wouldn't expect him to know, but we have taught him to ask if he is offered something out of the ordinary.
I dont think its too young. the earlier you start talking to her about it the better.

Our DD is 5 & i completely trust her with her food choices - even when she is at other peoples places. She understands the food groups that she cant have & if it is a food that she hasnt had before or doesnt recognise, she will always ask - is this safe for me?? she will often tell strangers or parents that we dont know very well that she cant have something 'cause it will make her get dead'.. LOL.. a bit of an exaggeration, but thats what works for her.

We jsut used to talk to DD about how she cant have XXX because it will make her sick/not be able to breathe whatever, but you can have YYY instead. we just have been very open about it her whole life (all 5 years of that. ha) & talk about it a lot. It is definitelly easier as they get older. We havent had any food accidents by her choosing a food that she cant have, but we have had food accidents by people giving her somethhing & telling her that it's OK, but it hasnt been - the person just hadnt checked properly. DD did the right thing & asked, but got told the wrong information sad
My ds #2 is 2 1/2 years old and is allergic to egg and soy, we picked it up at aboout 4 1/2 months old when we gave hime some egg custard. Since then we have had a few other episodes now been issued with an epipen.
We were always extra careful and used to check ingredients out loud, ds #1 picked up on it and was always telling others when we were out or when we had company that my brother can't have egg or soy, if he does he will have to go down a hole, dear wee thing. Now ds #2 has clicked on it himself and will ask about every type of food before he eats it. Also tells us it has got egg in it if he doesn't want to eat something and ds #1 will also do the same if he doesn't want to share something with him.
It has really amazed us as to how quick he has learnt to ask about things before eating them, I don't think it is ever to early to start teaching them as you can't always be in the same place as them to tell them not to eat something and if they are able to ask it makes everyone else aware.
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