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6yr old daughter - Complaining when going toilet Lock Rss

I have booked for my DD age 6 to see our GP tonight but wanted to get some advice if anyone has any..

She has in the past 3 days complained every time she has gone wee on the toilet that it hurts (she cannot give me any more details) and then also randomly during the day/night has said her vagina hurts..

I personally havent had a UTI before but I suspect thats possibly what it is?? She says pooing is ok though? She had 2 accidents (one on Sunday & 1 Monday morning) I am wondering if that is also related????

Has anyone else had a child experience this? and what was the action taken?? I cannot relate to it as I havent had one ever before but am worried she is in constant pain? She is other wise happy and healthy (apart from allergies, asthma, ezcema etc) and is going to prep as normal..


Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

It sounds like a uti to me. DD1 had a uti last year and would complain her wee hurts. She would scream when she had to go and would try to hold it in.
Does she wipe herself properly when she goes? Sometimes they may wipe the wrong way and cause and infection.
It's good you are going to see your gp.
She will probably get her urine tested and get some antibiotics.
Try to get her to drink lots of water and you can get Ural from the chemist. You use 1 sachet and dilute it in a big glass of water and give her just a small amount.
I've had heaps of uti's and they are awful.
Hope she feels better soon. smile

thank you mumof2gorgeousgirls -
She is pretty good with the hole toilet thing, I honestly dont watch her or check on her but might start just to make sure she is doing it properly?If she isnt then your right, that could have caused it.
Fingers crossed we can get an answer tonight as hubby and I are away this weekend and would like for her to be feeling better before we leave (i dont want her off or feeling funny when im not there to comfort her)
I did abit of google on UTI and can honestly say the sound terrible to have, I am glad I havnet experienced on one hand but wish I had with the other so I could relate to her?? you know?

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

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