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vaginal discharge Lock Rss

Hi ladies I have noticed in the past week that my three year old daughter has some yellow discharge in her knickers she is not complaning about any soreness or itching and she is not red it is very much like our normal healthy discharge we get just wondering if this is normal to have so early. Should I take her to a doctor?
I don't know it this is the same thing but when my second daughter was 2 and a half, and still in nappies she had several days of what I would call normal vaginal discharge - creamy but tending a little toward greenish I think. Anyway, I freaked a little but after googling found it could be reaction to something, for example using different washing powder, soap, etc. Ihad started using different wipes and I don't know if that was what it was, but I immediately stopped using the wipes, and within a day it had stopped. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but it never happened again. So maybe think about whether anything is different - different nickers, or whatever.
I ended up calling health direct and they said the same thing about soap and washing detergent so being a clean freak I stopped cleaning her privates with soap and it has not happened since. So it was a normal reaction to the soap I was using to clean her.
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