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Teeth ?? Lock Rss

Hi all smile

im just a little bit curious how many teeth does your little one have?
DS has 6 4 up the top and 2 down the bottom and hes 17 months .
My 9 month old sister has 6 also
'DD1' currently has 4 2 bottom and 2 top where as dd2 has just one fully though ATM but there is another coming they both have teeth coming though 'DD1' has here back teeth coming so it made for a very long night for me last night

DD is 12 months old and she has one down the bottom & her 2nd bottom one is just coming through smile
ds is 18 months and has 10...6 on top and 4 on bottom.
Its interesting to see how different they can all be hey? DD is not quite 20 months and has just about cut her last 2 eye teeth so theres only the 2 year molars left to go...the end is in sight lol. DS had all of his teeth about a month after he was 2.
DS has 6 as well. 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. he is 10 1/2 months.

DD1 had all hers including the 2 year molars by around 18 months.DD2is almost 10mo and has 4 fully through and I can see the 4 more white gummy bits so the next few aren't far off.

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DD has 4 at the bottom and 6 at the top - 4front teeth and 2 molars. She is nearly 15months...

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