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Help, son sick for over 2 weeks now Lock Rss

Hey i havent posted on here for a long time but hoping that there might be another mum who has had this.

My son who is 2 on 16th April had an ear infection 3 weeks ago and was on antibitorics, a couple days after finished nearly 2 wees ago he started vomiting at 1am every 20mins and after 3 hours we got packed up to head to hospital as he was dehydrated and couldn't stop vomiting, it started getting every 10mins as we reached the hospital.

They gave him a tablet to put under his tongue to stop the nausea and vomiting, 30mins later we started hydration liquid followed by another vomit but we kept going and finally he kept fluids in.

He vomited again that night at about 8pm, we gave him another 1/2 tablet.

He vomited again the next day at 4.30pm. I waited a bit before giving him more tablet but he had watery mouth and was very uncomfortable so gave him another.

The doctors and hospital have told me that giving him the tablets would not delay the bug or stop him from getting over it.

He didnt vomit for nearly 52hours and we thought he was ok, waiting to see if dihareaha as he had none so far but then he vomited again so we gave him another tablet.

then the next day(monday) the diahrea started all up about 5 nappies that day and 1 the next then no more bowel motions until saturday just been when in crying pain he finally passed a motion,by Friday night he also had thrush too and was on cream for that.

Then he has been having heaps of bowel motions over the weekend and yesterday but has a very very sore bottom.

Then last night after 8 days not vomiting he vomited again last night and 2 or 3 more during the night (i lost count being to tied)

I took him back to see another doctor last night after the first vomit who said he may have a new virus or the other one is lapsing again.

I am so over this and so is he, I dont know whether to fight to see a paediatrician or just take it he has a tummy bug and adventurely it will go away but how long can a tummy bug go on for. He had done 8 days without being sick and over the weekend let him be around people given he was well over his 48hrs contamination time. The doctor doesn't know if hes contagious or not and cant really say whats going on and even with all the poo hes been doing he still have lots to come out in his tummy but she doesn't think there is a blockage there that needs help.

He is just about to turn 2 and his party is this sunday, I dont know whether to postpone it a few weeks as if this is anything to go by he could go another week or 2 and then start up again.

Hes also starving and fighting to get food out of the cupboards, im trying to limit it but its heart breaking him being so hungry he wants to eat and trying not to let him overload himself, so far hes had about a cup of rice bubbles over 3 times and the last 2 times hes had a little bit of baby pear with them, he has just had a lemonade iceblock as hes not overly keen on fluid, hes had about 50/60mls of water since last night.

Any ideas and advice would be appreciated smile
Sometimes a tummy bug can make you temporarily lactose intolerant, so I would avoid giving him dairy for awhile until he has had a few weeks without vomiting. The first attack of vomiting sounded like a tummy bug, and yes he might very well have another tummy bug, as his immune system is probably quite vulnerable at the moment. If he's hungry then let him eat bread, rice, apples - bland things, don't let him go hungry. If he is still having vomiting attacks in a few weeks then definitely go back to the doctor. But try avoiding dairy for awhile and see if that helps. Poor lil man!!

thanks ladies, well after my plunket nurse phoned this morning for something else she said see doctor so we went and he was great. He said hes over the actual bug phase but his body is upset from it. His GI tract is struggling and then hes got the bottom end going on aswell which is not helping the top end so he said to get a probiotic so I just gave him his first dose of the inner health kids one and hes got some medicine for if hes sick to stop it so i can keep him hydrated and he said he might go another 8 or 10 days with nothing then be sick again but he thinks the timing for get less frequent and within 2 weeks will be back to himself.

he is dairy free, been on neocate since 5 weeks old so he hasn't had any dairy products but I did give him some carrot cake yesterday thinking it would be ok after 8 days and the doctor said its to rich.

Stick to very simple basic food small amounts often, lots of fluid and he's got anaesthetic cream for his bottom and another fungi cream so hopefully that will get sorted too.

They cant guarantee he isn't contagious and we have his birthday party on sunday so the biggest thing now is weather or not to postpone his party and have in 2 weeks, he may not be sick again that may be it or he could but if its not for 10 days then we dont know if hes actually over it or not, there is no way to tell if hes over it or if hes going to adventurely be sick again. Its so frustrating and hard to plan life especially with my 5 year old and school and do I take her to swimming or not because shes ok and she is meant to have a friend come and play on saturday so now i dont know what to do about that. There is also a tummy bug going around her class I found out yesterday (she was off school all last week) so she may bring a new tummy bug home this week as well to go onto off all this.

Feeling tied and sad, I hate my baby not feeling well and not being able to do much about it
You're having a rough time! Is horrible when our littlies are sick and these gastro things can go on for a while.

Re postponing his party - if we were invited to the party I have to say I'd be appreciative of either being forwarned that he "may" still be contagious but no guarantees (and wouldn't go - but i'm already paranoid about dd catching a gastro bug). Or postpone it and likely get more families willing to come along? Perhaps you'll feel a bit more rested as well if you have another cpl of weeks up your sleeve to recover and prepare for it? Same as your daughters friend coming to play, i'd talk to her parents and let them decide smile

re fluids, if he likes iceblocks thats good, jelly's another way to get fluid in, also if you give him something salty like chips or dry like vegemite and cheese on a cracker the saltiness / dryness can encourage them to drink water / fluids

hope he starts to feel better soon, once he's happy you'll feel happier again too smile
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