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Should I immunise if she has a cold? Lock Rss

4 y.o. DD is down for immunisations today but has a cold. It's the end of the cold which was bad last week, and she now just has a slight runny nose and a slight cough. She's had no fever or other symptoms. I know a lot of people say don't get them if your child is sick, but does that include just a cold? Without any fevers? Would you still go ahead with the needles?
Yes I would still get it done. My doctor has always said that a cold does not matter.

Talk to your GP before you get it done. But I would still do it.

Good luck.

Thanks me+hub+3 That's what I was feeling, but was interested in others' opinions smile I haven't told her yet though as she's the type that would put her foot down and refuse if she didn't want to. I'm not going to tell her until we're in there and it's coming at her!
One of my twins got a bit of a cold at 3 weeks and finally at 6 weeks we got answers that it was a strain of the flu and our gp postponed his first immunisation as he was still sick, and he had to wait another week or so till he was on the mend, still had a cold and runny nose but was booked in to have them as soon as he could as they didnt want to leave them longer than necessary.
I guess by now you've already had it done? I wouldn't personally. Drs seem to rush to say it's fine too often IMO. I think because imunisation rates are down they grab the opportunity to vax while your there rather than risk you'll go away and then not come back for it.
How did you get on with your GP? Was she happy to give the immunisations?

I hope that all went well. I hope that she was brave. I know when mine were due for the 4YO ones we bribed them with McDonalds for dinner. It worked a treat our doctor could not believe that none of mine cried at all.

Turns out ladies, the nurse went home sick so it was no decision to be made after all!! smile smile
Good luck for your next appointment. I hope all goes well.

Guess it wasn't meant to be today Knockonwood tongue

How's dd feeling now? My dd is due too and I'm freaking out about it sad thinking I will take me+hub+3s suggestion of bribery lol

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