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Tonsils and adenoids - tell me the truth! Lock Rss

After a terrible year of tonsilitis after tonsilitis and a range of viral bugs, my daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out just before christmas. We are now 3 weeks on and she is still not eating very much and having terrible nights where she wakes up crying heaps. How long does this really last? We were told 10-14 days! I feel terribly guilty as she was so healthy and happy in the months prior to the surgery, now we just have a tired, fragile wee girl.
DD1 who is 7 had her tonsil and Adenoids out in September. She thankfully had a very good recovery and was completely better about 2 weeks after surgery. Thankfully we had no bad nights and she stopped taking any form of pain relief about 3 days after surgery. Food wise she didn't have much of an appetite for the first week but was ok by week 2. Have you taken her to the docs at all to have her checked out. On day 3 DD1's tonsils were a bit infected.

DD2 had hers out just over a year as ago. She woke at night for the first week but then stopped needing pain relief so much in the second week. In fact she didn't seem to need it at all in week 2. But I still gave her pamol half an hour before meals.
After 2 weeks we stopped the meds, she went to preschool no worries, was eating and sleeping better then ever. She never ate a lot pre surgery but post surgery she does. She put on 3 kg and 8 cm in height the year following which she needed.

I would call the surgeon with your concerns he might want to have her checked. Otherwise your gp.
Our dds pain seemed to peek about day 10 then she seemed ok (pain wise) after about a fortnight. However the GA really knocked her around and she wasn't herself again until about 6 weeks after so it could be that? I'd get it checked out anyway just to put your mind at ease smile
Thanks guys. She has been to A and E a couple of times and our local doc, but each time they say its normal and to wait another week and see how she is. She is mostly off pain relief now. Just not herself, not eating without huge drama's and the nights are the worst. I am having to sleep in with her as she keeps waking up wanting reassurance. Golly, sugar and spice - 6 weeks? That must have been tough. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.
Poor thing sad We had no issues after my then 6 year old had hers out. She had panadol for 2 days and was eating normally again before we even left the hospital. Hope it doesn't take too much longer for her to recover.

Thanks cp33. I'm hopeful we might finally be coming through it. I think possibly its an age thing and perhaps just her reaction to the general anesthetic as Sugar and Spice suggested. Appreciate your thoughts.
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