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Exotropia? Lock Rss

I was wondering if any mums or dads have dealt with Exotropia in their children?

Yes, got glasses at 8 months and has had 2 operations. Almost 3 now. They continue to monitor the turning, but eyes are straight 95% with glasses on, turned in constantly if off. She wears them the whole time she's up and about.
Thanks nursenellie.
I have my youngest DD whos nearly 2 diagnosed with Exotropia. She has lost vision in one eye and the other eye isn't to far behind and we have an appointment to schedule surgery because shes to far for glasses. Just seeing what im in for.

Gosh I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how upsetting that must be. Is this a recent diagnosis?
Scary as it may be it sounds like the sooner they get on with surgery the better.
Point to note, I read it wrong my dd has esotropia (eyes turn in) not exotropia but I believe the management is very similar
I hope the hospital / Dr you are with is providing you with good support and information around all of this.
I noticed it when she was 8 months old but the gp did nothing in regards of a referral but we moved October last year and got a referral at her 12 month check up sat on the waiting list for 6 months and she was seen in June and was offically diagnosed we got told to wait 4 months for another appointment to discuss surgery but since then her balance has gotten worse and now the better eye is swinging out more and more each day so ive gotten another referral to have her seen to and get the ball rolling faster. Very upsetting as she is a happy go lucky girl that doesnt realize what is going on and its very emotionally straining on my partner and i as we don't know what it going to happen or if her eye sight will improve.

How frustrating.
I too got fobbed off by GP for months about it and ended up self referring and going private for the initial consult - where she was diagnosed and glasses prescribed. Then he transferred us to the public system. It was a good way to "skip the referral queue" and get seen urgently.
If you are financially in the position to do that it's something I'd seriously comsider if you don't get an urgent appointment (ie in next 2 weeks) , not wanting to frighten you but to preserve eyesight in the remaining eye time is pretty crucial

Perhaps check out these websites if you haven't already, they may be able to offer further ideas / support

Best of luck let us know how you get on

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