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Terrible Teething Lock Rss

DD had a shocking night and even worse day. I am 99% sure its teething, although its almost impossible to look, let alone feel what teeth might be moving. I think its the worst she has ever been with teething. Do you think that could mean some double teeth are moving in there?

What other remedies have you used, other than rusks (teething toys), bonjella and panadol? I think I might need to get a few ideas as the usual stuff doesn't seem to be making a difference.

Thanks in advance toddler mummies !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Chicken bones, frozen oranges,frozen water ice blocks, frozen or wet washers, Seda- gel liquid (giving that one ago tonight on mt 8mth)... some of these helped my 3 year old to cut his teeth, he also used to chew on hard plastic toys or spoons.
Lots of cuddles for both mum and bub!

We are currently going through the terrible teething with no.2 son...horrible isn't it!

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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