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Stuttering Lock Rss

My 2 1/2 year old little boy has always spoken very clearly. In the last couple of weeks he has begun to stutter. My MCHN said to give it a couple of weeks to see if it rights itself.

Has anyone had a similar experience with stuttering and if so any advice???

mum of two

My son had exactly the same problem. He was always advanced in his speaking but when he turned 2 all of a sudden he started stuttering (the middle of words).
I took some advice from day care and they said to make him slow down and repeat wat he said.
It seemed to work it took a while though. Hope this helps.
Hi kylie,
My now 4yr old is in speech therapy. At the beginning of the year she started stuttering, we were given exercises with her but it got worse. We had to scale her everyday from 1 to 10. Each week we took this paper in with us. The CHN sees her for an hour a week. She has her ups and downs(mainly when tired) but is not as bad as it was in Jan 06. We were asked to make note of what we did each day too.
Maybe keeping a tally to see how he goes through the day and if it is day or night when he stutters.
Also as the CHN for any exercises or activities you can do with him.
I would give you mine but there is a 2yr gap and they would be at different learning levels. correct his sentences and ask him to think what he wants to say first. (It is hard for a 2 yr old though)
Good luck
The same thing happened to my DD at 2 1/2. I was told by the CHN that it is very normal at that age for them to stutter. Basicly its their brains working quicker then their mouths. I was told to give it a few mths to see if it stopped itself, which it did. I was told not to make a big deal out of it so we just let her take her time and get the word out when she was ready.
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