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Eczma Crisis!!! Lock Rss

Hello everyone!
Please help me, my two year old baby boy has suffered from eczma since he was 6 months old but just recently it has become a major problem. the back of his knees are red raw and bleeding, he has patchy red blotches all over his body and the inside of his elbows look like they have been peeled with a potatoe peeler. the drs prescribe a steriod cream to use when it flares up which does help but nothing seems to help when it is just a matter of conitnuous red scaley skin. he scrathces til he bleeds and cries and i cry right along with him. does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to help him. i have tried emu oil creams, honey and almond body shop products. qv products, sorbeline, cetaphil, pinetarsal but nothing seems to make a difference. i just want my little boy to feel comfortable and have his baby soft skin back...please someone help us!!!!

ive been told to try Paw Paw ointment my daughter has sensitive skin & has break outs all the time so far so good it work on her & only takes a few mins before she stops scratching at it.
You can get it at the chemist & you only need a little at a time.
Hi Kristy, have you tried to treat his skin internally with things such as evening primrose oil or other oils.
You break a capsule into their food, so no they do not have to swallow the capsules. They can work extreamlly well, they do take a couple of weeks to kick in.
Have a chat to your pharmacist or a nautropath.


We use Dermeze. It was recommended to use by a peadiactric skin specialist. It looks like vaseline but has been developed by the Royal Children's Hospital in Vic specically for eczema. You don't need a prescription, you buy it over the counter from the chemist.

Good luck.

Hi Kristy,

Could your DS be allergic to anything?

My DD2 has had eczema since 2 weeks of age and i have found out she is allergic to Cow's milk soy products and recently Yeast and all these foods give her eczema badly.

Some one suggested Nutremitics but be careful some of there products do have perfume in them as my clinic nurse put something (not sure what it was) on marli and by the afternoon her skin was open so much and bleeding.

I was advised to use Chickeweed Gel from the health food shop and it makes a huge difference to her skin esp when it is open (i am still trying to work out what to feed her)

I also had eczema all my life till i started using natural products and then it went smile.

What products do you wash your son with? Please if you use Johnson and Johson DONT they are the WORSE products for your baby.

Anything with a skin irratant in them will harm your baby (or your) and remember if it is in the shampoo when you wash his hair to goes all over his body.

I might get some spelling mistakes here but if you see them on anythign you have you will see what i am trying to type.

Soduim laryel sulfate.
Propylen glycol

Sorry if i have scared you but i know what it is like to grow up with ezcema and also have my DD2 with it but hers is food allergies which doc thinks she will grow out of it by the time she is 2.. (which she turns 1 in 3 weeks)

if you need any more info you can email me on [email protected] if you have any other questions.

Robyn Cody May 03 and Marli June 05

Hi Kristy
Please please please start a elimination diet as soon as you can, you have tried a lot of good products ( and some bad) and they dont seem to be working so the next thing is to eliminate dairy, wheat,nuts,seafood,eggs,soy i know that doesnt leave much but if you want to get to the bottom of it its time for drastic measure.
Dermmaveen products are oat based so like someone eldse said rolled oats in a stocking in the bath will do the job not only softens the skin but also relives the itch as well.
*No soap of any kind
*Limit the amount of baths 1 a day is the maximum
*No hot water hard in winter but the hotter the water the worse you make it
*Lots of cream QV kids balm works best for us v greasy lovely!
*100% cotton only clothes/sheets ect
*washing powder our allergist said OMO sensitive is best
Thats it of the top of my head please feel free to email me [email protected]

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

Hi Kristy,

I was going to suggest what Danielle suggested!!
Evening Primrose Oil capsules! My baby had problems and we would dissolve a capsule (or two....depending on how big your bath is) and let the oil soak into his skin....They come out oily, but its worth it!! It worked for us.....BUT the key with any treatment is that you have to be persistant for a bit to allow it to work..

Hope things improve for your little man!!!

hey kristy

i have a 3 year old who stuggled with bleeding eczma on and off like a yo yo, and my gp found that hydrozle cream from the pharmacy is excellant. it contains dosage of steriods and anti fungal cream. i know what your thinking, my boy dosent have a fungal irriration and thats what i thought too when the gp said it, but i promise it works,. you need to be persistant 3 times a day, but in two weeks, my was all cleared.. it is delicate on the skin but you shouldnt get it near their eyes

helping mum, zac 3, osca 4mths

Take Care

Hey.. Hannah had mild eczema when she was around 6 months old, i used to give her long baths cause i thought it would soothe it. Dr told me in out bath instead and she hasnt had eczema in months!

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

Hi Kristy, I have only just gone through this with my 15mnth old DD. A girl a met through gymboree gave me some cream called Keri. It is quite expensive but I believe if it helps our little ones, cost is no object. Her son had really bad exzma and was told to try this, it cleared his up within a week (he was really bad) and within a 2 days cleared my daughters up. You can put it in the bath and/or you rub into their skin after the bath. We chose to rub it in after her bath with a gentle massage and it has worked great. You only need a small amount as it does go along way and she has stopped scratching and she is so much more comfortable now. Even now that it has cleared up I still rub it in every night after her bath as with the cold weather it helps her skin drying out. It also as a beautiful beachy smell to it.
I really hope this helps as I know how I hate seeing my little one in pain and irritated and just want to take that away from her.
Good luck
Hi kristy. I found bathing my son every 2 days his excema went away. I dont even sponge him down on the off night. Just wipe his hands, face and feet. Good to hear it has improved! Also are you using sigmacort for his flareups? I found that to be crap. I asked to get something stronger and it improved. I seriously found sorbeline a waste of time too.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

My son is 21 months old and has suffered with eczema since birth. For about 9 months now i've been using Dermaveen bath powder followed by lathering him in Dermaveen moisturiser and now have his skin under control. I was recommended the product initially by a friend whose son has had eczema so badly he has been hospitalised because of the severity and she found it very effective. I hope this is some help to you.

Danielle, QLD, Jorja 22/5/01, Dayle 9/9/04

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