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DD's first bought of gastro - I think..... Lock Rss

Poor DD, spewed up her dinner last night. The first spew was all over me, the 2nd and 3rd throughout her cot - it was just horrible. She's been better today, although still not herself. I got some good advice from a friend with 2 bubbas but thought I'd ask what other parents have done when their bubs got bad gastro.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi kazi. I sincerely hope your DD doesn't have gastro, but if she does, here's what we went through! My son had gastro in January when he was 11 months old. Started with the vomiting, but quickly progressed to the runs as well. All the doctor could suggest was feeding formula at normal strength every hour while my son was awake to keep hydration levels up and to reduce the amount of vomiting (less bulk in stomach). Forget about any solids until they are completely well, as it will only aggravate the digestive tract. Keep an eye on her and if you feel the vomiting and diarrohea (sp?) is getting worse, or if you can't get any liquid into her, then go straight to the doctors. My doctor said the time for a return visit to him would be more than 6 vomits and 8 lots of diarrohea in a 24 hour period. This gastro bug is distressing for all, but keep your chin up, it will pass! My son had it for 8 days and lost a lot of weight, but he quickly put that back on. If you are really worried just keep going back to the doctor so they can keep an eye on your daughter's condition.

Also be very careful about hygiene as the gastro virus is very very contagious. Both my husband and I caught it while my son was sick, not nice being so sick and having to care for a sick baby as well! My doctor joked that it was a good practice run for the preparedness of the household if and when bird flu ever strikes!

Hope all is well, just remember we are all thinking of you.
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