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high fever, very very tired Lock Rss

ok o friday my son woke up cranky as! at 6 am, i left him thinking he was just sooking cause he wantd another bottle. All morning he cried standing in one spot! i dropped hm at day care thinking it was a case of " woke up on the wrong side of the bed". he didnt want me to leave but they assured me hed b fine. at 12 they rang me to come get him. temp of 39.I took him to the doc but he was falling asleep in my arms ( this si the child who hasnt fallen asleep anywhere but a bed/cot for almost a year now). so i let him sleep. 3 hours later we went to doc. he said come back on monday if he still has a temp. He was clingy and slept in our arms most of the night or called out. i think he might have even gone a littl;e delirious, hard totell iwth a 21 moonth old.
he woke saturday morning and was fine! energetic, bouncy back to himself, we went out, by 10/11 he was cranky and clingy again. His head felt fine but his body was warm so i checked him 38.4 so we had a sleep and temp woulndt go down. we tried neurofen and everything. he has been laying on the lounge and sleeping all day. this si a child who literally doesnt stop, he doesnt even wlak, he just runs! lol so its very different. he just wants cuddles and he lays down and close shis eyes. he gets bursts of energy and will play and giggle but we cant even get a laugh out of him other times. His eyes r swollen and black ( tired looking). I feel terribe... we r goin to the docs in the morn, or hospital if his temp doesnt go down tonight....
anyone had anything similar? mum suggested glanjular fever? i dont know.. what do u think?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

hi !

Hope your little boy feels better now !
My son had the same just high fever and very sleepy for like two days and now he is back to his old self again ! So I'm not sure what was that but he is also teething (two year old molar)so I put it down to that!
Ok keep in touch and hope your boy is all better too !
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