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signs of autism Lock Rss

can anyone tell me the signs of autism. I have heard that arm flapping is one of them which my ds aged 2 does when he gets excited and sees things he likes. He also has a speech delay which we are having a hearing test done next month but he is very affectionate and wants cuddles and kisses and gives them both to his mum, dad and younger brother and other people also and looks into our eyes constantly.

He is also quite good socially but it does take a few minutes before he interacts once he is familiar with evrything. He is also very active and is constantly running and playing. Speech wise he points if he wants something and says a few words.

Should I be concerned or is he just a normal 2 yr old with a speech delay.


agwot, there is a thread about this in the Toddler section. Go into 'Your Toddlers growth" and there is a thread called Arm flapping. In there it mentions the signs of Autism. Hope this helps.


2 yrs

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