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Hi all,

My daughter is 10 and a half months and I thought I'd come in to the toddler forum section so all you mums who have older babies can give me some advise pleeeease.

My daughter has in the last month popped up 4 top teeth bringing her total to 6 teeth now. She has a tooth brush and we give her her toothbrush while she's in the bathat night time. I have tried taking the brush off her to give her teeth a gentle brush but she cracks a wammy everytime I take it off her i've tried singing whilst trying and she just won't open her mouth for me because "she" wants to do it!! I'm worried her little teeth aren't going to be getting cleaned properly. I've also tried using a wet facewasher and she won't even let me clean them like that anymore.

What should I do?? Is once a day ok to brush her teeth? Or does everyone else brush their babies teeth twice a day??

I think you are starting out ok. What you are doing is what we also did, give the toothbrush in the bath it helps to get used to it. Let her watch you clean your teeth also. YOu could try not giving it to her straightaway. Try brushing her teeth first then giving it to her. I also have a question, what does anyone know about fluride. We are on tank water therefore there is no fluride in our water supply, Ha anyone else been given professional advice on this and development of youg teeth?. I have been given conflicting reports from doctors and dentists.

4 and grown up now

hi shweeee,
my 15mth old has done the same thing since we started brushing her teeth though she lets me get in and quickly go over her teeth then she likes to do it herself from there as she is also very independent about everything and im sure ur daughter will also want to be more and more independent as she gets older and most of the time u just have to let them go and let them be who they are even though they are still young this is the way they explore and learn things by watching and ding it 4 themselves.
good luck

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hi there,
As what has been mentioned you are doing the right thing. Unfortunately they sort of go throuhg phases of letting you do it and then needing the occasional head lock!!! wink

My proffessional advice on fluoride (I am a Dental Therapist and get this question all the time) is...

use low fluoride tooth paste as soon as they can spit out (if you are in a non fluoridated area you can use it earlier and just use the tiniest amount so it doesn't matter if they don't spit).

Fluoride benefits the most on the teeth that have erupted (for this reason I usually don't bother advising tablets).
The whole family can benefit from a once a week fluoride treatment (colgate have gels available at most chemists). You use the gel instead of toothpaste and brush for 4 min, then you spit out and don't eat or drink for 30min.

Toothpaste has 0.76% fluoride, these gels contain 1.23% fluoride. So this treatment is deffinitely only for those chldren who can spit out well and should always be supervised.

Everybody has different levels of bacteria in their mouth, that's why some people can eat junk, not brush well and still get no cavities >:-< and some people can go out of their way to do the right thing and still suffer with decay :'(
Sorry for the long post, I hope it helps.

Golden rules...

No LCM'S, no roll ups, no muesli bars and water between meals!!! Soooooo simple

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