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weaning off bottle! Lock Rss

my daughter still insists and is in a really bad routine of going to bed and having a bottle and is not even interested in drnking milk from a cup, she drinks water fne from a cup but insists on a bottle with her milk. she is 15mths now and has been on bottle from 10mths and im so tired of washing bottles and i know it cant be a good routine 4 her. i just give to her so i dont have to listen to the screaming. it would be great to hear anyones thoughts on this topic and any suggestions to what i can try to STOP THE BOTTLE.

thank you.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub


I had a similar problem with my DD. She refused to drink milk from anything other than a bottle. My child health nurse suggested adding something to the milk to make it more appealing to take from a cup. I started with her afternoon bottle and made banana milkshakes for her (milk, banana and a bit of honey blended together). I bought a cup that had a straw in it and used to give it to her in that. The cup had a lion on it, so it was all a special deal when she had it. When she was fine with that, I then changed her nighttime bottle to plain milk in her "special lion cup". And from there, we've never looked back.

Hope this helps.

Take care,

I weaned my daughter off the bottle at age 2 years..I used a similar method using a gradual approach. I began by replacing one feed a day with a 'special' sippy cup. She really loves the new take and toss ones you can buy from Woolworths and Big W. We have Thomas the tank engine, The Wiggles and she is getting Pooh bear ones for xmas. At her age she loves that she gets to choose what cup she will use.

I too used a little added sweetness to her cup milk to encourage her to drink it to start with- a little flavoured milk.
After a few days of replacing one bottle feed with a cup...I replaced another. She now drinks all her milk from a cup.

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