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birth mark? Lock Rss

Hannah had a raspberry birthmark appear on top of her head about 6 weeks of age. I coped alot of criticism from strangers because i did not and have not got it removed. It gets checked regularly and so far no problems, and is about the size of a 10 cent piece. Im interested to hear if anyone else has a child with one ?

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

Hi Kristal
My daughter has two raspberry birthmarks. One the size of a fifty cent piece on the back of her head the other on her arm is about the size of a 10 cent piece. I was told when I first noticed them (she was about two weeks old) that by the time she turns 5 they would be gone. She's only 14 months and already they are starting to break up and fade. I have got a lot of looks and comments from strangers too, I simple say to these people that they are her strawberry kisses from god , they make her unique and special. I hated them at first , but now I don't even notice them. I didn't think of surgery because I didn't think there was any need for such drastic measures.

lee,WA,6mth baby

Hi Kristal Gaye when my daughter was born she had a big brown mark on her upper leg and everyone use to say to me " wash your daughter she is dirty" and that use to annoy me. It just means that our children a specail.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

My son also developed a strawberry birthmark on his backside about four weeks after he was born - I thought I'd scratched him with my ring it was so new! I had to ask my doctor what it was!! It grew to about the size of a 10-cent piece, but he is now two and it is almost all gone. I am really dissappointed, as I loved his birthmark - it was such a nice colour and shape, plus in a spot he could cover up.

Jess, Eneabba WA, Matthew (2004) & Beccy (2007)

Hi everyone, i just wanted to say thanks for writing in and telling me about their kids birth marks, its so refreshing to hear other stories!! Keep writing in!!
Hannahs is still the same size and doesnt look like shrinking any time soon. Her hair has finally started to grow and now hardly anyone notices it. But i have grown so used to all the comments now and am so can handle the critisism so much better.

Its such a special little mark and just another part of her i am so proud of!!

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

My son has one on his back its was quiet big. It will go down over time and completley disappear.
I had one on my head when I was younger and it disappeared. There is nothing wrong with leaving it as they go away overtime. The turn a grey colour and dissapear. Your Gp or Paediatrician should advise this to you. Some people are rude when they stare but just smile and keep walking. Good luck...
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