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14 month old with tonsilitis Lock Rss

Hi everybody,

I have just been told that my son, who is 14 months old, may have the start of tonsilitis. This is the second attack in about 2 months. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. He's getting really high temps which are hard to break, topped 40 today. Just unsure if there is anything that may help, he has started antibiotics today. Just feel so sorry for the poor bugger. He can't get any proper sleep, constantly wakes up hot and obviously hurting. Any help would be great.

Hi Kasey,

My son started to get tonsillitis about that age as well. Had it 5 times last year. Loads of antibiotics. The antibiotics will take 24-48 hours to really kick in. Panadol/neurofen combination was vital for pain relief. Dimetapp is great as well as it helps to reduce swelling therefore reduce pain. I even had to give painstop for 24 hours as he was smashing his face on the floor due to pain. Give him loads of fluids and soft soft food. Mashed potato and gravy works very well.

Hope this helps.

Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

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