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help , high temp and wont take medicine! Lock Rss

Any body got any ideas how to get either nurofen or panadol into a toddler , she is almost 3 has a temp of 39 and everytime we get something in her mouth she spits it back in our face! have tryd to disguise it in jam and other speads and in her drink bottles but she is on to us and wont eat or drink anything she doesnt see us prepare?! the chemist says our only other option is a suppository ( YUK ) i really dont like the idea of doin that to my little girl unless absolutly have to. just thought there might be some tricky moms out there with some good ideas , any replies greatly apprieciated

My SIL had your problem couple of weeks ago. I know this sounds mean but it worked for her. Her hubby held little fellow lying down and she put the nurofen in his mouth and pinched shut his nose so he had to swallow.

DS 13months

A trick that usually works is to let them clench their mouth shut. Pop the syringe into the side of their mouth and squirt. There is a little channel that runs along here straight to the throat. So you don't have to force something between their teeth and the tounge cannot push it out.
The trick is to be able to get the syringe into the side of the mouth..thats where you may need to have an extra pair of hands.
The other thing is you cannot make it traumatic or you will really cause problems later on.


thanx for all the ideas , unfortunately we have now tried everything and had to resort to the icky suppositories , now we just have to find a way to get antibiotics into her lol .
thanx again
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