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cows milk v's formula Lock Rss

my DD has just turned 1 and I am a little confused about what milk to offer her now. I've had people tell me to go straight to cows milk and others tell me to use the toddler's formula. I bought I tin of the toddler formula and she hates it. am yet to try the cow's milk, just curious.... what has worked for you.,
If she is having a healthy varied diet then formula is not really necessary. It is just a marketing ploy!!! It does have a place but unless you think your daughters diet is lacking try cows milk. I am assuming you breastfeed??? I can't imagine that all the formulas would taste different from the same company, what I want to say is my daughter wouldn't take cows milk till about 14 months but the taste difference of cows milk and breastmilk is huge so I left it up to her to make the swap.


Hi there
The previous poster is right. I have read somewhere that toddler formula is just a glorified "vitamin" drink - and isn't meant as a whole food like the infant formulas are. Albeit - we still use a toddler formula (as our son doesn't eat a big variety of foods). As you said, your DD is over one, so there is nothing wrong with offering just plain cow's milk to her (unless of course she's lactose intolerant or something). Do whatever makes you comfortable. If she won't drink the formula and you want to use the tin you have already bought up - try putting mixing a little in with her brekky cereal or putting it in with banana custard, or in a milkshake, or put it in a pikelet mix and feed them to her. (That way you haven't wasted your money buying a tin of formula that she won't drink). Just a thought - but don't feel like you have to keep trying her with formula. If she doesn't like the cow's milk - you could try mixing milk with a little water (or even breastmilk) and then gradually put in less water or breastmilk each time - so eventually she might drink plain milk. (I read this tip somewhere but luckily never had to use it - my son are make the dairy companies very profitable). Best of luck and remember - trust your instincts and don't worry about what other people are telling you - do what works for you! smile

James' Mum

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