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Vegetarian Babies??? Rss

A friend of mine has a daughter the same age as mine (14months) and last week she emailed me and all the other mums at our mothers group that her daughter can't come to mothers group for a while as she is under quarintine and can't go near anyone. She has been sick for about 5 months now and apparently her doctors think its an immune problem but they have no idea what is causing her to be sick all the time and so they are keeping her away from everyone to see if she gets better.

I've never heard of this type of thing where a baby can't go out but I've been wondering if the fact that the little girls parents are strict vegetarians and have their daughter on a vegetarian diet too could have something to do with it. I though all babies needed iron etc from meat? Some of the other mums at mothers group think this might be the case but as I'm not a vegetarian I was wondering if anyone knows if this could be the cause??? I'm a bit worried about the little girl as it can't be pleasent being sick for so long or hidden away from the world! Does anyone have any ideas on the subject???

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I highly doubt it has anything to do with being a vego, if they are strict vegos they would know all about making sure there bub had enough iron.......besides breastmilk and formula both have iron in them, though the iron in breastmilk is better absorbed, I have to be very careful with where and what i do with my youngest dd as she has a chemical sensitivity problem which can also cause problems with the immune system......anyway really it could be anything, and the best thing you could do is give the mum a call and see if she needs a shoulder!


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I generally find that vegetarians have a much healthier diet and easily compensate the lack of meat with fruit and veggies that are even better sources of iron (and other nutrients). I imagine the GP and CHN would be monitoring this very closely so doubt it would be linked to any immune deficiency. Majority of immune issues and serious illness especially in young people is poor genetics and simply, unlucky.

I had some serious immune problems as a child and at times in my teens was isolated. I don't think its ideal, however there are many ways of making an isolated environment stimulating. I think it is worse as a child grows older in terms of missing friends and not really understanding why they have to stay away from other people. At 14 months they really don't know any different and rely on parents and close family for most of their socialising. I suppose too, most people can't remember any-thing prior to turning 3 or 4 so hopefully this little girl will be back to some kind of normal soon.

I think it would be lovely for some of the mums from the group to get their kids to do some paintings or drawings or even make a big card with hand prints or some-thing personal like that. Not only is it a lovely keep sake for the child, its lovely for the parents to feel they have support or at least know people are thinking about them and care.

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