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mysterious viral rash!! Lock Rss

hi there,
My daughter is 18mths old and has been in and out of hospital for the past 2 weeks with this mysterious nasty looking rash like big red rings in teh shape of coins.SHes either allergic to the virus or she has had a delayed reaction to neufofen(which shes had a dozen times b4). They call it erythema multiforme.She was really sick with high temps of 40 degrees and red throat and just this really nasty looking rash. I have been told it will clear up in about 2 weeks.. Well she got well and the rash had gone then all of a sudden it has come back again. Endless trips to the GP and the hospital and now answers as to why. Now she has another rash that looks like measles on top of the other rash she already has. Im so frustrated and confused as to why this is happening to my daughter. I am just wondering if anyone else's child has experinced any similar symptoms as im lost. I am currently waiting to see a peditrician...they say its common for a child to get a rash with a viral infection but the docs up the hospital said they had never seen anything like it..shes had blood tests and chect xrays and still they r saying its a virus... please contact me if anyone has experienced something similar..thanks Kylie

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

My DD has had an alergic reaction to a virus 3 times. Each time the rash would subside with in a few days. My Dr sugested phernergan (an antihystamine) to help ease the rash and panadol and nurafen to help with the fever. I was told that it can take several weeks for a child to get over a virus fully.
Hopefully your DD with get over this virus and feel better soon
Hi, thank you for your replies. I have been feeling very alone with this as the docs keep telling me they havent seen a rash like it before. Also in the first instance she had the rash for about 5 days and swelling all over her body,she wasnt even able to walk. It all went away as soon as her fever broke but then 3 days later it returned but this time only onher arms and legs and a whole dif rash. then about 2 days ago she broke out in another rash on top of the other one but this one has gone over her whole body and looks like the measles.. They told me she has an overactive immune system and basically there isnt anything they can do for it nor any medication..The peditrician phoned me today and we have now got an appt for tomorrow so fingers crossed that I might get an answer... thanks again for your replies..

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

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