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Hi There
My 13 Month Old Joshua has had a cough for a while now i have taken him to GP on a few occasions and they have told me nothing to worry about as chest/lungs etc sound ok then last night he lost his voice, sounds a lot like us when we have a bad flu and cant talk properly, although he is not taling his cry is almost silent and my heart just breaks for him.

Any body else had the same problem???
I would take him straight back to the doctor and demand they look further into the problem because this isn't normal.

Most docs just go for the simple stuff and don't look at the bigger picture.

It may not be anything to worry about but than again what if there is something wrong.

Take him back and demand further tests or take him to another doc for a 2nd opinion especially if his getting worse.
My Son had a continued cough (but wouldnt cough when we went to the doctors) and it sounded very much like croup but the doctors kept saying he was fine - even if i was on the phone people could hear him coughing and said he didnt sound too good. I got sick of the doctors saying there isnt anything wrong - his lungs and chest is fine, I decided to go to my paediatrician and was told he had asthma, went on a strong dose of Redipred for 3 days and ventolin and preventative puffers and cough disappeared.
Maybe try a kids doctor.

Maryanne, NSW, Melanie 3yrs & Nicholas 1yr

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