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talking my son is having troubles Lock Rss

Zac is 3 in Jan and all he talks is jibberish you will get some words out every now and then but majority of the time it is jibberish has anyone else had this problem and how have they dealt with it
you could try a referal to a speech pathologist for kids through your local health clinic or your doctor. Might be less likely to pay but longer waiting list through the clinic?
I know someone whose child didn't really start to speak clearly until they where in childcare as the parents could understand but no one else. He had to speak more clearly once in care so that the careers could understand him.


Hi Belinda,
Your son sounds just like my daughter who is also three. A lot of people can't understand her most of the time except for those of us who are always with her. I spoke to my doctor about it when she went for her full health check and he referred my daughter to a speech therapist who she sees once every week. She has definately improved in the short time she has seen the speechie and we get homework to work on at home to help things along. Go and see your doctor and talk with him/her of your concerns. Good luck.
hi belle'sboys,

Is Zac your second? I know for a fact that my girlfriends second child was exactly the same at nearly 3 yrs, he will only speak jibberish and look to his big sister to explan it to the rest of us (even to his parents sometimes)

Sorry, i have no answer.

Good luck!
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