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I think my son may have sleep apnea.

Can someone tell me if these are the syphtoms.

My son is drooling, coughs at night, wakes up crying, he has had a blocked nose for weeks, tonsilitis once and lots of sore throats.

Does that sound like Sleep apnea?

Any ideas..


4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

To my knowledge sleep apnea is when the breathing pattern is disrupted during sleep ie. stop breathing for a few seconds while sleeping. It is mainly hereditary too so check if you or daddy's families have a history of it. A lot of people that have it also snore. The symptoms you described could be asthma or some sort of allergy/hayfever or just could be a cold that the little fella's body is trying to fights off? Anyway, if you Google sleep apnea you should be able to find some info on it if not see your doc smile
I would take him to the doctor. His symptoms are simalar to my daughters and she is having to get grometts and maybe have tonsils removed.

I don't think it's sleep apnea though, but best to go get it checked out.

Hope all is well.


Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Hi Katia, We thought my son Jordan suffered from Sleep Apnea so we took him to Sleep School ( at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne) where they wire them up and they stay there over night so they can monitor there sleeping patterns. After which we learnt that he does suffer from slight sleep apnea - maybe this is something you could look in to for your little one. Jordan also has huge tonsils!
Good Luck with everything!
The symptoms sound more like recurrent tonsilitis, but i would definately get a referral to a specialist to be sure. My girlfriend's little girl had similar symptoms, and when he had his tonsils out they all dissappeared!

My dh has a mild case of sleep apnea, jumps out of bed in the middle of the night gasping for air, very scarey! He is ok after about 10 seconds and goes back to sleep, never remembers in the morning
My 4 year old son Dylan has also had the Sleep Study done last month at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and we are just waiting for results to determine what to do. He has huge tonsils (has had for about the past six months) and snores terribly most nights. We have seen an ENT specialist who suggested the study as we had observed him pausing in breathing throughout the night. Some nights are worse than others and we find his behaviour the next day is determined by how restless he was the night before. I was interested to know Kylie what they suggested you do with Jordan who suffers from slight sleep apnea. Are they going to take his tonsils out? I wondered whether my son has an allergy that has caused this as we did have a period of about three weeks where he seemed to be sleeping soundly but he has now reverted back to snoring loudly again. He seems to have a cough that hangs around and his voice seems to change depending on how inflamed his tonsils are.
Am very anxious to get him well again!
Regards, Rachel

Rachel, DS Dylan 4yrs DD Charli 6mths

My son 2yrs, 8mths is booked in to have his tonsils and adenoids out on the 18/5/07. His symptoms are: consistently suffers from sore throats, has problems eating big pieces of food, dribbles especially in sleep, snores loudly, very restless sleeper, sleeps on his back with his head tilted upwards and makes horrible loud snoring noises, heavy breather, very naughty during the day - some days worse than others depends on his night, wakes 3 to 4 times a night.
He often gets middle ear infections along with his tonsilitis.
Surgeon did not recommend to have the sleep study completed to confirm that he needed them out due to his history and when he looked down his throat he could not believe how enlarged his tonsils and adenoids were.
Sorry to ramble - for your own peace of mind I recommend you get a referral from your local GP to see a Ears, Nose & Throat specialist.

Shell - Kyan 25/8/04 & Charley 25/8/06

Hi! My 14 month old little girl has had apnea since birth. It's defined as when they stop breathing and oxygen saturation in the blood drop dangerously low. The sufferer usually snores, stirs alot, is tired during the day and makes strange coughing and gurgling sounds while sleeping. Luckily my dd self resolves most times. Dr's have decided it's getting worse so will take out her tonsils and adnoids to make sure they're not blocking her airways in any way. Apnea is not to be taken lightly. It can kill and can cause brain damage. If you are worried, please talk to your dr asap. It's deffinatly worth it for peace of mind!

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

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