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My daughter was born with a closed vagina. Apparently this is very common. The doctor described it is being "one cell thick" and just closes over the vaginal passage. He gave me some cream, but it still hasn't opened. Has anyone been through this?

I'm a little concerned...

Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

hello Mels bub

I havent been through it but have heard of it. How old is your daughter? And how long have you been using the cream? If your really worried speak to your gp again or your mchn... They may be able to help you out or just put your mind at ease

Hi My DD had the same thing when she was born. Her doctor told me just to leave it and it will open up eventually. She is now 2 1/2 and it has opened up again. He never gave me any cream for it but if I was still concerned when she was 3 to go back and he would give me the cream.
Hope this helps.
He also said its very common for it to not open up until they are about to get their menstrual. cycle.

Harmony 30th october 2004

My daughter had a fused labia - I know different but it sounds like a similar type of treatment. I stressed about it and saw several doctors and got a different answer each time. tried the cream with no results etc. Then whamo - about 2 1/4 it just started to split and within a month or so it was all done.
So try not to stress and keep an eye on it. I agree with the other response. If by 3 nothing has happened then really get it checked out then.


Hi, I have twin girls 18 months old. One has a fused labia and the other doesn't. i got told to use the cream and that it should open after 5 days 2 1/2 weeks later it still wasnt open. I stressed. We are now off the cream and just waiting. he said he wont operate till 5 or 6 years of age which worries me as she will be at school then.
I stress and worry and my mother has a go at me because she really trusts this peadition. I would just rather it gets fixed sooner rather than later. I would love to hear from other mums.
Thanks for posting this. I also got told it is very common.
Good Luck melissa. If you ever want to talk i am here.
Good Luck

Sue, Vic, Mum to keira & Tahlia 18/10/2005

Hi girls,

I have never heard of this.
Very interesting as I have a 4mth old DD.

Thank you for bringing this up, you learn something new everyday.

Wishing all your DD the very best.

POOK mum of three

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I have a close friend who had a closed vagina however she didn't know about it until she started her period. She went through months of pain as she didn't know her period had started. She ended up in hospital and they had to operate to open it. As she had had her priod for months she nearly died as the blood was turning toxic. I would absolutly(sp) demand something is done whilst your DD is little as this is not something you want to go through.

Hope this doesn't worry you too much, at least you know already that her vagina is closed so you can do something about it.

All the best smile
Yes it's a bit scary. After trying a few creams, we are off to the paediatrician in a few weeks. I hope it all turns out ok.

mel x

Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

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