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eczema on face - any tips???? Rss

Hi there,

My 23mth old daughter has been getting eczema on her face lately and some 1% cortisone cream has helped to clear it up but I am concerned about using this repeatedly as I believe it can be harmful to the skin on the face (??)

does anyone know of any good over the counter (or prescription) creams that are ok to use on the face regularly? Sorbolene did not help at all so she obviously needs something stronger, like cortisone.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Cheers smile

mum to two girls

Hi there

Although creams and ointment helps to relieve the eczema the best method is prevention.

I'd go see a GP to get a referral to see a paediatric dermatalogist so he/she can formally diagnose if your child has eczma. They will advise you about prevention etc. Then he will probably refer you to get allergy skin tests done to find the triggers that's causing eczema.

Do you find it's after eating certain foods, heat, grass, dust etc?

The reason I say to find the triggers insteading of treating the symptoms is that otherwise it's a losing battle. Trust me. DD had rashes around 5 months and we went to a specialist and got the allergy tests done and we have prevented the symptoms by avoiding the triggers and DD rarely gets eczema now.

I really advise you to get on the phone and see your GP so you can start the process as it takes minimum 3 months to see a dermatalogist then 3 months for the skin tests.

If you're in Sydney, Westmead Children's Hospital or Randwick is good.

Try for more information, they're a valuable source of info. You can even be a member.

Good luck

They do grow out of it but meanwhile preventing it as much as possible is the best solution.

DD 18 months

I agree with the triggers etc. We are off to the derm at Westmead shortly. Our son is now 1 but has had eczema since 3months, his initial trigger was cows milk hence he has had nothing buy soy based formula. We have tried many things and do use the cortisone when he has a break out that we cant keep under control, at present generally on his face but i dare say this is due to the dribbling as well, so we keep him constantly dry on the chin.

In regards to daily creams we had tried everything and nothing helped, even the sorb it actually appeared to make it worse. After trial and error i discovered ' Pearl Cream'. Professor W.Zhu's Traditional Chinese Peral Cream. It has kept our sons body well maintained and prevented what could have been the most painful last 7months. It is about $30 per jar but well worth it. 02 9734 6196 and you can buy it online. After eating, drinking, the bath we always apply it. We also bath our son in oatmeal shower and bath oil and have been every night since he came into this world.

Good luck and I hope it all improves.

D Blue Eyes

hi there
i use paw paw cream on my sons exzema, and it works great.
we hardly have to usethe cortizone cream now. So much better for him and u can just buy it from the chemist ( not very expensive.)
hope this helps.


Luke 3.7.05 & Monique 10.12.06 (Angel in heaven)

Both my dd's have atopic eczema. They have a recurring rash - dry, red, patchy skin. Most commonly in the winter months. The rash usually appears on the face, elbows, hands, back of neck, inner elbows and the backs of the knees.
It is becoming less frequent now thank goodness.
My doctor who's dd also has atopic eczema recommended the QV products, paw paw cream and sorbelene cream. I also have cortisone cream prescribed from my doctor when the flare ups are a little bad.

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

hi, my daughter Taylor is now 1 and has really bad excema since 3m... i'm on elecon now, as nothing else worked and this is the strongest cream they have, and it's still not working. i can't seem to find what is triggering it... and desperately need help. shes scratching till she bleeds every night, and i'm bawling my eyes out with her...

my gp won't refer me to a specialist because she thinks Taylor is too young for all the tests. should i change doctors? what should i do?
Definitely go and see another doctor - you poor thing, and I am so sorry for your daughter - my sone scratches his excema too, but at least he hasn't made it bleed yet. Definitely try to see another doctor who will help you solve the problem, your first Doc needs to take a compassion pill! (Probably doesn't have kids!)
Good luck, my best wishes to you and your daughter that you can get her some help.
By the way, I think my son's trigger is chocolate (really was bad over Easter!) so try to see what foods you have given her that may be different to normal, and rule them out one by one. I find a week of not eating choc, and his Excema's almost totally cleared up with just QV cream.
All the best. x

Jess, Eneabba WA, Matthew (2004) & Beccy (2007)

Yeah definately see another doctor... I had my son allergy tested at 12 months. There is a stronger cream as well - Advantan, thats what we use when we need to. Poor little girl, that sounds terrible.
Have u tryed wet wrapping? This is what I did for my son - u put the cream on then u wrap their arms/legs/body with damp cool bandages, then put their pj's over top. It really helped the itching, and apparently it helps the cortisone sink in and work better too. I did it during the day also and he only tried to pull them off the first day, then he left it on, even with just a tshirt & shorts on, he ran around home all bandaged up!! But it really helped - I would recommend giving it a try.

i'm still confused lol

Oh sorry, I just read that its on your daughters face - probably bandaging not the way to go. Not sure about advantan on the face either...
Have u tried pawpaw cream for the itchyness? I used that on my sons face and it helped. Also Elidel is ok for the face, but wont help after its already flared up. But it might be worth trying to stop the flares once u get it cleared up.
Is she too old to wear mittens?

i'm still confused lol

My daughter is 2.5yrs now and she has eczema too.... She doesn't get it on the face anymore but mainly on her hand and legs (elbow and knee folds). When she was about 6months -12 months, she did get it on her face and like you, we weren't too keen on using the hard creams on the face and we were told by the doc not to use it all the time on the face. We relied on a cream called Hydraderm (very similar to sorbolene) and the paw paw cream. These really worked for our little one.

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Hi, I'm an eczema sufferer since I was 2, tried everything on the market and found it didnt work, I now use QV products, creams and bath oil and find these to be excellent. they rehydrate the skin and doesnt irritate my skin, I still get outbreaks due to allergies I can't avoid, but I also use all natural personal products eg deodrants, shampoos, which cost more but dont irritate. maybe switch to all natural products as well.

I work in a health food shop aswell as a pharmacy and i have many tip...
*Never use soap---no one should use soap but people with skin condition its really bad
*Grahams skib crm---this is really effective apply a smal amount to area twice daily
*Grahams Mega oil--to take orally as mant ecezma suffers need to use something from the inside out,,all the family can in omegas
I hope this helps


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