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Please help Me Need Advice Lock Rss

My 2 yr old son has been having really runny poo's all afternoon, normally has a poo at night before bath time.
but today he has already done 3 and there getting more and more runny.

he's eaten food that he would normally eat and had choccy milk and normal milk as well as some water.

i've never dealt with this before he's my first, should i just take him to the hospital or should i wait

hi i would just leave it and see how he goes make sure he keeps up his fluid as it will be going straight out the other end so could get dehydrated easyly if he still has it for the next day or so take him to the doctors sumthing might of just been nearly about to turn so thats his body getting it out of his system sorry if i didnt help but my son has had runny poos a few times and it usually goes away with time just memba keep his fluid up...

Jack is 2

Thanks Jacks mummy

he's still eating he had an apple and some 2 minute noodles for dinner, and i'm going give him a hydralyte icypole.

i think i just worry to much, plus i hate changing his pooey bum the smell makes me sick.

thank you for your advice

i had that last week with my little girl, i think there is something going around, as i have heard a few people say they have the same problem
it only lasted one day in my house so hopefully it will in your as well


mum to two beautiful girls


i'm happy to hear that your little girl is good, hopefully my son will be ok by the morning.
This is the first time he has been sick since seperating from his father last yr. So i think i kinda stressed out, thinking the worst.

thank you

Shelley Seth and Bubs

At 2 my girl had diarheea for a month. Yes a month of pure water poos. So much like water that if I didn't hear it happen I would proberbly never know as there was really no solid fecal matter in the liquid!!!
The doctors don't care before 7 or 14 days. I can't remember which. I dont have much faith in doctors. Keep up the fluids. Wash your hands and if it continues scrub your hands. You don't want it! I think it is only a problem if they are throwing up and have the runs at the same time but the older they get the less risk there is as long as they are having fluids.
I started to give a vitamin tablet every other day towards the end as everything was passing so quickly and her appetite had decreased so I thought it couldn't do any harm.


Ds hasn't had a runny poo all day, thankfully
i've been trying to keep his liquids up all day and have even surcumbed to giving him cordial just so he drinks more water, thankfully he loves water but only out of my bottle.

thankyou so much for all the advice that has been freely given, i think i kinda panicked yesterday thinking the worst.

i'll blame that on being pregnant and the hormones racing through my system.

thank you to all
Shelley Seth and Bubs

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