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Any suggestions of brushing toddlers teeth? My DD is 17mnths and has a pretty full mouth of teeth. For the past few weeks I haven't had much sucess with brushing longer than a few seconds. I let her do it but she just sucks the toothbrush, we aren't yet using toothpaste as dentist said it wasn't necessary. Love to hear your thoughts on it....

Huggies Mum abroad!

I would suggest being persistant, it will pay off. Make it part of the routine and hopefully your little one will go with the flow.

I think its important that you take control of the brush. You brush first, then let your bub have it after you have done the cleaning to suck on for a few minutes or practice brushing.

Good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I have had nightmares with my 2 yr old for ages. He is finally starting to let me do it and does a pretty good job himself. I bought him one of the kids electric toothbrushes - theyare only $10 at the supermarket.
I always worry cause I don't want to have one of those kids that have rotting teeth at the age of 5 cause I didn't brush them properly.

I also tell him we are tickling teeth not brushing them. Cause he didn't like the electric one at first. So I showed him on his hand and said it tickles! So now in the morning and before bed we " tickle teeth"
I have always used a washer on my dd's from the moment they cut their first tooth up until around 2. I introduce the toothbrush at around 18 months but dont successfully start using it until about 2
My DD is 20 months old and when she was younger she used to be really good at letting us brush her teeth - now it's a screaming match!! She just won't let us do it without her crying. It's awful and both my hubby and I dread doing it each morning and night.

We're hoping one day she'll accept the process and stop fighting us.

I'm sorry I couldn't help.


My DS is 19 months old and uses an adult toothbrush. He wasn't interested in using the small age appropriate ones and it was a struggle. I mentioned the difficulties I was having to my CHN at his 18 month check up and she said he doesn't need to be seriously brushing his teeth until age 3. As long as he has plenty of water to drink and an apple a day it is OK for him to just have a bit of a play and suck on his toothbrush.
I don't want it to be a negative experience or it will just be even harder as he gets older. DH has an appt with the dentist in a few weeks so I will also get DS teeth checked out and see if we are on the right track.
Thanks for all the replies so far, I really like the face washer idea and the teeth tickling. Will be sure to give them a go smile

Huggies Mum abroad!

You have my greatest sympathies! This was one of the hardest thing to do for my daughter (23months) and although it still isn't great, it's getting better! i tried her standing on a stool over the basin so she could look in the mirror but gave up, because I also had to hold her up! Now we both sit on a cushion each on the floor. We do it in the morning every day after breakfast, before she gets dressed for the day, so she is not tired! We 'brush her smile' first, then I do the back and sides, although it's pretty quick, I get to touch on each tooth, which is a big improvement for us! I sometimes sing and talk about things like Dorothy having big white teeth to clean (Wiggles). After I have a brush, it's her turn. The biggest thing I've found is letting go of my frustration, and accepting whatever happens, and knowing when to stop trying so it doesn't become to stressful! Keep trying, breath deep and it will get better! But it is a huge challenge!!!
When I started to teach my daughter about brushing her teeth I would show her in the mirror and than I would get her teeth brush and show her how to hold it and how use it and than while the brush I was in her mouth I would brush her teeth and it took while for the whole brushing started to happen and now we have no problem with it and its just takes time and patients with them.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I have also been wondering just how much damage could be happening while the struggle continues... I don't want to make it a negative experience either, but worry if I don't get the job done properly, decay could be starting already.

DS is 13 months, he "plays" with his TB while I brush my teeth, then I try to give his a quick and fun brush, but he often doesn't let me do this. I then finish off with the cloth, but this ends in a struggle and often me getting my finger bitten. I try not to react when this happens because I don't want to encourage a problem with biting.

Hoping he starts to cooperate soon!
Hi There
I have a 20mth old and he was a nightmare with brushing teeth but we recently bought him a toddler toothpaste with a new toddler winnie the pooh toothbrush and he has now learnt to brush, rinse and even spit out the water and toothpaste, he does it in his bath with dad and now loves it. Maybe he likes the taste of the mint, I thought he was bound to swallow it but new straight away to rinse it and spit it out!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

I made toothbrushing a regular morning and night routine for my little Tony ever since it was safe to put in a brush. What dentist said the paste wasn't necessary? There is a safe and very fun paste in berry flavour with winnie the pooh on it by colgate. They also have stages oral brushes to meet ages and stages of child. Do not stress about the length of time at htis stage, just the routine. Make it fun with fun brush and paste, own cup and brush holder, and most importantly role model "lets brush together, see, muumy doing it? Smile and laugh as well or sing a special toothbrushinf song. My little boy rushes to brush his!!! Keep sugary drinks and foods to a minimum, encourage plenty of fruit such as apples, and drinking water. Avoid more than 120ml of fruit juice a day, and if you have to, choose low sugar alternatives to help.
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