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teething tablets Rss

My 13mth DS is teething and he is so irritable and cranky. The chemist recommended Hylands Teething Tablets as Bonjela just isnt working. Has anyone used these and did they work?


I have posted on here many times about these teething tablets! They are the best,I used them for both of my children and they definately worked for them.They are easy to give as they are tasteless and dissolve in the mouth.
I would certainly recommend that you give them a go.

we use a teething tablet on my son and he likes them they just disolve in his mouth, also if he gets his hands on the packet he cant do damage to it but with bonjela we would try chew it.
but sm22 is a good teething gel
DS comes running with his hand out ready for teething tablets! The seem to work really well. I use them in conjunction with bonjella & when necessary nurofen. Giving him a spoon or something to chew on was also a big winner.
They work great for us too. We use them with Bonjella, and then Nurofen if it seems to be really persistent.
Get them and try them you will not be disappointed with them. They have worked wonders for us.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I havent used them but a friend of mine has only ever used them and says they are fantastic!

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