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Your Toddler - General Chat


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - AUSTRALIA Lock

To all our valued Huggies members in Australia, we wanted to let you know about some important ch...

35 replies

Just wondering what ever happened to the response about nappy pants?


Huggies Nappy-Pants (Have you tried them?) Lock

There have been lots of posts on the Huggies Forum about the 'struggle' at nappy change...

61 replies

A lot of mommies use huggies not because it's affordable but it's comfortable for babies to use as well as efficient.


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - NEW ZEALAND Lock

To all our valued Huggies members in New Zealand; two years ago we increased the number of nappie...

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About This Forum - Your Toddler General Chat Lock

Hi there, Welcome to the forum Your Toddler - General Chat. This forum is a place where you ca...

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How to help an angry child calm down Lock

1. Count to 5 Impulse control is difficult for young kids. Counting to 5 slowly can be a great w...

1 reply

This is the very useful article with some explanations


18 months old - terrible behaviour Lock

Hi guys, I have an 18 month old son who's behavior leaves a lot to be desired. I was not aware ...

28 replies

I tell the parents that we need to come up with a behaviour management plan that we both stick to or I will have to terminate care. ...


Creamy tomato pasta sauce Lock

Do you reckon if I just add some cream to passata it'd make a nice creamy sauce or do you re...

5 replies

The recipe is from a cookbook from Marcella Hazan and has been widely praised all over dem internets. The sauce calls for only 3 in...

Autism brother

My autistic brother. Lock

i have a 26 yr old autistic brother who had 6 brain surgerie i and my mother let him thes things....

1 reply

I've heard a theory that it's something to do with the pressure on the soles of the feet... nevertheless, trampolining see...


Toys for a 2 year old boy Lock

Hi Everyone My son is turning 2 in about a month and im not too sure what to buy him i kind of w...

11 replies

I'm a chief fan of virtually anything Melissa & Doug wood toys. Some of Cath's preferred things now are puzzles, sorti...


Steiner schools Lock

Just wondering if anyone has kids who go to a Steiner school, we are thinking of sending DD to on...

7 replies

You can search for it online. Over there you read reviews of that school and it will surely help you out.


Replacement of white teddy comforter blanket (from best & less, baby baby brand) Lock

Our child lost her favourite comforter recently and after searching high and low for it we finall...

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Tantrums out in public! Eeek Lock

Hi all, I have an almost 2 year old toddler. Whenever I take her out it's a huge battle to ...

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Baby gate advice Lock

Hello i am wondering if anyone out there has any advice for me about baby gates. I have one and i...

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Separation Anxiety Lock

My DD started 4yo kinder this year and has recently started struggling with separation anxiety. S...

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toddler shoes Lock

hi there i don't have any advise on what shoes to buy but my DD hardly wears shoes. at home she ...

9 replies

Just discovered the guide that educate about toddler shoes, I thought sharing the guide over here :


pest control Lock

hi everyone, just wondering what the go is with pest control. i have an 18 month yr old running, ...

22 replies

When it comes to pest control, Stop that pest services take matters very seriously. Stop that pest is one of the top best service pr...


Dinner time nightmare Lock

Hi !!! After some advice pointers anything ! My 16 month old daughter is becoming an absolute ni...

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My toddlers tantrums are extreme Lock


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Need new friends?!? Lock

I'm a single mother of two young girls ages are 4 year old and almost 2 year old.. we live i...

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Discipline and laughing Lock

How do deal with 2 yr old who just laughs or is being silly when being disciplined?

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What site is the best youve found for kids clothes? Lock

Hey all first time poster I am really really keen in getting new ideas & inspo for a wardro...

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where can I buy some cheap baby clothes for my coming baby? Lock

my baby is coming, and there is not any supermarket can selling baby nappies but only daily life ...

8 replies

You can start looking at some baby wear websites. There are quite a few. I found natural baby clothes to be particularly good for my...


Anyone else 3 yr old driving them crazy? Lock

I have a three year old son - he is turning 4 and I thought by now he would be easier. He can be ...

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flashing shoes? Lock

1. do the batteries go flat quikly? DD1 has had a pair for about 3 months wears a few times a we...

5 replies

First I think the flashing shoes are cool though they are not quite welcome by some people. These types of shoes are more popular am...

Mel and Bubs

Recommendations Lock

Hi Everyone, I am a first time mum to a bubbly 11 month old girl and was asking for some recomme...

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Has your child done something funny recently? Lock

Tell us about it! We'd love to hear from you!

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Education for toddlers Lock

Hi everyone, Does anyone know where i can source some educational stuff for my 2yo? Just interes...

12 replies

Hey! I`d like to comment on the situation with educational apps in general. Most of the educational apps for kids, expecially those ...


Is clip on fan in the stroller safe? Lock

I tried summer mat and umbrella on the stroller, but my daughter is chubby and still sweat a lot....

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Freckles Lock

Hi, My son has a freckle on his testicle. Is this safe? I know it's not from the sun so I do...

2 replies

Thank you will do. I'm freaking out.


waterproof clothing for outdoor play Lock

Hi, Just wondering if anyone may be able to help. I've been told about protective plastic trous...

6 replies

I highly recommend Mud Mates gear. They do all-in-one Coveralls for total protection which are perfect for on the farm as well as an...


Day Care - Always sick Lock

I have my DD in Day care was 1 day a week, now 2. I just want to know how you all go with Day C...

20 replies

Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, Kidschoice Granville aim to engage you...


Issues with toddler & older stepdaughter!! Lock

Hi there, I have a 9 yearold stepdaughter, a 2 yearold daughter & a baby. The issue I have is...

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PLEASE HELP - need replacement - pink bunny "baby baby" brand security blanket Lock

HI everyone, Little miss 3yr old has misplaced her security blanket "bunny". It's...

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HELP PLEASE we need a replacement Pink Bunny Blanket (best and less brand) Lock

Hi everyone, my 3yo has lost her beloved pink bunny blanket that she's had since birth-- it was p...

26 replies

Hi everyone, I'm looking for the same bunny as little miss has lost hers. If anyone has any spares, it would be much appreciated


Child Care Rebate and Centrelink issues Lock

Sorry if theres already a thread but I'm desperate and don't know what to do. I'm ...

6 replies

hi everyone - how much does dealing with Centrelink suck!! If anyone is looking for info on the Child Care Rebate I found this site ...

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5 Common Discipline Mistakes You Might Be Making Lock

Time-outs. Rewards. Logical consequences. Loss of privileges. If you’ve tried every classic strat...

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Some ideas for entertaining your 2 year old on a rainy day Lock

Keeping your little one amused when it's raining outside can be tough. Here are some ideas: ...

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Cloth nappies - wetting through Lock

Hi, we have been using cloth nappies for 17ish months. They were purchased in excellent second ha...

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