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Sons 1st Birthday - Guest Are Asking for Gift Ideas? Lock Rss

Its my sons 1st Birthday in Feb and we are having Party for him (well when you really think about it, its really for us).

I have said to guests that you don't need to buy a gift just come along for a fun filled day, but they keep are asking me for Gift Ideas.

I've been trying to come up with a list for the past 2 weeks but keep coming up blank.
We had his Christening in August and he received lots of: Clothes, My 1st Tooth/Curl, Photo Frames, Books, Teddy Bears, Money Boxs, Lamp and Bookends.

I have said to close relatives & friends - No toys.
Reason: My 4 year old daughter has that many toys, its enough for 2 children. she also has cars and trains set

Does anyone have any good gift ideas that I could pass onto them.
Or Maybe something special or unique that a group of people can put into and buy for him.
People want to buy gifts, especially first birthdays. You will find the gifts drop off after that, the other birthdays just don't seem as important for some reason (to others).

Its hard for people not to buy toys, they want to see kids have fun and favour them from their present. Fair enough you have said no, but some-times you are taking the fun away from the people that just want to spoil your little ones.

Maybe some-thing special could be a bigger boy present for the year to come or some educational products which can be quite expensive (books, electronic books, wooden toys etc).

Good luck, hope the party goes well.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

We received for our DS - Hooded swimming towel, gift voucher for swimming lessons, rashy, swimmers, hat for the water, sunglasses, blocks, money, books, clothes, cotton on dressing gown (so cute!!), (my sister bought him a silver bullion - no idea how much that cost!).

Other ideas: Gymbaroo gift voucher, wooden puzzles.

i liek the swimming vouchers! cos u think about it it saves u money ut it is for teh kids and they will have more fun with weekly lessons than with toys that the novelty soon wears off! thats a goo done

all i was thinking was gift vouchers or clothing in bigger sizes if u have enough for now or pick xomething big u wanna get for your chilkd and telkl people that is what u are saving for and if they would liek to contribute to that it would be much appreciated.
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