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Toddlers at other peoples houses Lock Rss

[Edited on 09/08/2008]

Now thats tricky. Personally, if it was an ongoing thing (the kid breaking stuff all the time and the mother doing squat about it) I would either:

1. Not invite them around my place, opting to go to theirs or some neutural place like a park or play ground.

2. Tell the mother that you are a little frustrated with the things being broken by her child but really want to catch up - so what can we do about it? Leave it open for her to acknowledge and provide some solution.

That really irks me because I am very VERY proactive about DD behaving at others people's houses and HATE with a passion people who sit back and let their kids go feral, its so rude and disrespectful.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

that is tricky i agree with kazi though god i feel awful if my child does any damage in someones house i know it happens and i wouldnt get too angry if it happoened at my place but at least a sorry woudl be nice! and with major damage liek a stereo id offer to pay to have it fixed or replace it or at least do something! kids will be kids but its still teh parents responsibility. good luck!
i would talk to the mother and ask her to explain to her child that its not ok to break other peoples toys etc. i would feel so bad if my toddler broke other peoples property, especially a stereo. tell her how you feel explain that you don't like what is happening.

You obviously enjoy the time your friend comes to visit or you would not have asked lol, do you have a big enough yard with some shade that you can spend play days out there? Not as much to worry about and if there is a concern bring it up straight away - ie we had friends who son thought it would be great to rip out all the plants in the garden and so i explained to him with his mum that I was really glad he was helping me to "weed" the garden but it is really special to me so please do not go back in there again, when the kids resumed playing i told his mum that I had put a lot of work into it and it was good to have my own project to work on around here that i did not have to share with the kids. When her son went back to it I called out to him ".... remember that is Leigha's special place hop out please" stuff it, my house and as a visitor i think people should have enough respect to ensure their children are doing the right thing. Accidents will always happen and there is no use dwelling on them but there is a difference between an accident and irresponsibility (and kids are to young to even be able to read the word let alone understand it)

Leigha''s little men smile

It is a hard situaton... it would be hard for you to mention this to a friend, but I can't believe tat she did insist on paying for the stereo cause I would not show my face around there again otherwise.

Maybe next time either suggest to meet at her house or out somewhere, and dod what I do if they ask why blame your hubby and say he was sick of items being broken by others kids and so you dont fight with him its easier to meet peole out. Maybe she will get the hint.
Thanks Im glad everyone shares my opinion we have been meeting out coz it was stressful I was always chasing this toddler around and couldnt relax, my kids dont destroy other peoples property I'd feel terrible. Just wanted to know others opinions on the matter, now I dont feel so bad. But we have to pay out for our stereo to be fixed now.

I kind of think saying nothing is a bit passive-aggressive. My sis-in-law used to let her son (at about 2 yrs) do just about anything in other peoples' homes. Until he visited me. When he tried to break something, I'd tell him off and take what ever it was off him. When he stood on a book, I'd move him and put the books away. When he squeezed his juice-box on to the carpet I threw it in the bin. I just had had enough, I wasn't her nanny, and it isn't her house. She now knows that he's misbehaving at other peoples' homes, whether he behaves that way at his own home or not, so she stops it. If it's unacceptable to you, do something about it. Personally, I'd put aside some crappy old toys to bring out just when he's there and let the mum know that due to him being destructive they're just for when he's there. Tell her you really like her company, and her child's, but that no one can afford that kind of behaviour. And I do second the suggestion that you play outside. Oh, and if she asked 'is it ok that he does (whatever destructive thing he's doing)?' say 'No, it's bl**dy not!'!!!
Good luck!

A Long Journey is a good journey

I'd go with the meeting somewhere else idea.

Honestly, I can't stand it when parents don't control their children while at someone elses house.

I would be horrified if my daughter broke anything that belonged to someone else. I would offer to replace it, no matter what it was.

How good of a friend is this lady?
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