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3 year old birthday party ideas Lock Rss

HI, its my little boy's 3rd birthday in three weeks and me being me i'm a bit unorganised and want to have a little something special for him. i'm not into hiring stuff as for me that's a bit overboard and i believe simple is the best. Anyone got any ideas of what they have done for their kiddies birthday.

Ta heaps.


Hey there,
I just had DD2 1st birthday at the local park which has a council water park. It was fantastic. My eldest daughter is 3 and so were a few of the other kids. I think the eldest enjoyed that more than her own 3rd birthday party a couple of months ago. We tried games at the 3rd birthday but I dont think the kids understood it and they just wanted to run around so I would not be too concerned about games.

Have fun and Happy Birthday to your little boy.
My son's 3rd birthday is this Friday, and I haven't prepared. I think I will still send him to the Day Care, because he loves to blown out Candles in a fake cake (I can't bring in any foods because some kids are allergic to anything), but I also want to give him something in the day care after he blown the candles and cut the fake cake, I want to bring him something that he could play with other kids. Any suggestions?



our recent third birthday had a "farm animals theme".
ie I iced a round cake pink and put smarties on for a eyes and nose, and it was a pig (very succesful).
i went through all the toys and found all the farm animal ones and hid them in the garden, then the kids had to "round them up" and collect them all into a big basket,.(like a treasure hunt)
Then we sand old macdonalds' farm (of course) and each kid got to pick out a toy and we sang that animal.
then we sang a few songs about bunnies or whatever.
I think three years is too young to only have One winner for a game, so everything we did was "all in", no "winners".

3 girls under 3


My son is into Fireman Sam and Dinosaurs.

So his 3rd BDay Party was a Dinosaurs party.
I hired a Jumping castle which was A Purple and green dinosaur. I brought things with dinosaurs on it.
Fossil making and Fossil digging in the sand pit.

We put chalk all over the drive way with dinosaur foot prints. And I got canvas 4 x 4 and I got his friends and my son to paint the body shapes so this took about 1/2 hour.

Also it was Australia Day and we had fake OZ flags tatoos put on their faces. It was a really good day.

Next year we are hiring a fire truck were thekids and sit on and drive around the neighbourhood. It's going to be great.

All the best with your arrangements.

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

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