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June 2006 Babies Lock Rss

Thought seeing as our bubs are toddlers now, we might get more chatting in this section.

For those that are new or don't remember me...

I'm Bron, 33, living in SA and my Partner and I have 4 children (blended families) and our youngest is Kedon, who was born on June 14th 2006. Kedon was born on his Dad's 40th bday.... so 2 Gemini's in this household lol

Look forward to chatting to you all!!

Hey there Bron, I remember you! tongue How are you? smile LOL!

For those that dont remember me or are new, my name is Hydz and I'm 28 with a darling little man called Zack known as Zacky atm, he was going to be a July bub but decided to pick an early birthday and the best birthday by far for us all, on my nan's birthday! grin hee heee.. He is the first Great Grand child on my side and broke our long drought of no boys by 62 years! smile
I use to live up in the Top End but have recently just moved to Perth and am loving it, I've met a few lovely friends who I see regulary, so yeah that keeps Zacky and I outta mischief while DF is busy at work!

Ah well, I'll get going for now, and hope that this time I will stick around to keep in touch with everyone that pops by here!

Love to you all! xox

P.S. Ahhh, it's scary hey, our bubbas/tots are nearly 2!!! Ahhh!!

Hi Bron Hi Heidi how is little zack well shall I say big boys now.
Glad to hear you are liking Perth.

Kaleb is going good bit concerned about his weight he is still in size 00 to 0 in pants any others have a small bub. I tried toilet training about 2 months ago he will sit down for ages but then stands up to wee.

Is anyone going to use toddler beds or straight into a single sized bed?

hey heidi how do i get a ticker on my posts??


Zackys GOOD grin thankyou Sha, hows Kaleb, still as cute as ever? hee heee.. Kedon's cute as ever too and so is Zack of course! LOL! tongue

Zacks a size 2, has been for a while now but bottoms 0-1 though but I wouldn't worry too much as I know a few our bubs age which are in 0-1's, so yeah...

I bought Zack a potty when he turned 1 but not to make him use it, just for him to get use to seeing it so he doesn't feel scared or feel funny around it like my nephew did, when we get up to the toilet training part. However in saying all that, I'm on the look out now for one of those one's you can hang off the side of the toilet and getting him those steps to go to the big toilet so it's all done at once, no trasitioning etc... hmmmm.. what to do what to do.. and when to do... I think maybe another year or just under, we'll see when he *thinks* he's ready I guess..

I'm looking right now into getting Zack a single bed and one of those soft side bars of course, but if a toddler bed comes up really cheap I'll go for it, Kristy's actually been trying to help me search! LOL! smile Lovely girl she is hey Sha! wink
Speaking of her, I think she must be with you at the moment hey? If so tell her 'hello' and I won an isis iq for 93 bucks! grin YAY!

For your ticker, if it's a lilypie one your happy with, go to lilypie, make what you want but dont add an image, then when the codes show up, go to the code that says PseudoHTML, UBBCode™ or BBCode and copy that code between the img] and the /img] that is written there but not the url etc thats before and after that, okay....
Hopefully that should work *fingers crossed* if not yell out and let me know, all the best with it hey! wink

catch-yaz xo

Just a quick reply. Yeah Kristy is in my neck of the woods. We went to see them today Kristy was at the markets though so missed seeing her but got to see her 3 beautiful kids, the twins are so cute together and little levi went straight to sleep.

Will try the ticker

Hi Hydz & Sha

Glad to hear the boys are doing so well!!

Scary to think in June we will be doing 2nd birthdays, the baby days are really gone then hey sad

We have done the same thing, bought a potty and it sits around, and he seems to go through stages of using it. We don't encourage things too much at the moment as he is still having trouble with his bowels, so specialist said don't push things.

Hugs for the bubbas, and hopefully we'll get more Junies in here!!!

Hi girls how was everyone's weekend?

Bron hope Kedon's bowels are ok what sort of trouble does he have if you don't mind me asking.

Well I turned 25 on the weekend getting old now so hubby tells me.

Hey Hydz you arn't my friend on facebook anymore what happened?

Sha he had a twisted bowel when he was 11 weeks old, and because the hospital were so slow with diagnosis, it actually ended up gangrenous. He was one extremely sick little boy!!! We still have trouble with his poo's... they are never consistent, so it goes from diahorrea to constipation for no apparent reason.

Hi Hydz Hope Zack is doing well, and an extra hug for you *wink*

If you girls are on facebook, would love to catch up in there..... whisper me your names

Hey girls, how are we? and how are the boys?
Ahhh they are soo full of beans hey, so much fun though! Hee heee..

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHA for last weekend, I hope you had a lovely day and got something nice! smile

About FaceBook, I actually got rid of it last year, I honestly never really got the hang of it as I wasn't on enough so couldn't really give any 'cool' stuff back to my friends and started having an old stalker annoying me, so I deleted a few memberships around the place as I had too many things with full names extra that in the long run really just isn't worth it IYKWIM, so I really do hope you didn't take offence when you noticed me gone, I didn't realise it would've taken me off your list, just that you'd be unable to conntact me.. anyways, I am sorry but here's just as good a place and also msn when I'm on! smile

Oh WOW Bron, so sorry I didn't realise it went to the extent of Gangrenous!!! ARGH!!! Now that's scary stuff!
Oh you two sure do have special Guardian Angels watching over you, Hey!
I'm so glad you do or I would never have met you! grin
Sorry to you as well for not having FaceBook! sad

Zacks doing well, he's in bed having his arvo nap after a big morning of painting and not just on paper, he decided his paints looked alot better on our pavers, they did need some colour I guess! LOL!
and then we got the playdough out and his new shape cutters, knife, spatula, rolling pin etc.. that comes in those playdough utensil kits and he had a ball with that!
oh and tried to stick some bits of playdough on our cat TigerLilly, she wasn't too impressed and now keeps licking at her fur where it was, I spose cause of the real salty taste in it maybe?

Ahh well, that's about all's I can think of right at this moment.
I hope your both well and others aren't too scared to join us! tongue
We seriously wont bite! Hey Bron and Sha! Haa haaa..

Love to the 2 of you and cuddles for the little men in your life from Zacky and I! grin


Hey there!! hello everyone, I havent been here fo ages and originally i was on the may 06 bubs..but lil master torin neo was born 02 06 06..the day before my birthday lol!
He is just starting to asert his orthority!!!but all is fun!
my name is jacqui and i am 35..we have 3 kiddys..13, 11 and TNT(Torin) lol
hope to chat some morewhen our lil terror gives me a again!

HAPPY EASTER GIRLS, I hope you all have a great weekend munching on Choccies! smile

Hi Jacqui, Welcome to the June group, nice to see a new face about. smile
LOL at Torrin's nickname! Haa haaa..

and Hello Bron and Sha, I hope your boys have been good! He hee..


HELLO??...............................................................(((echo))) HELLLLLLLO

Hope you've all been well and all our boys too! *mwah* xoxo.

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