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My 2yr old (25mths) shows all the signs of readiness but adamantly refuses to try the potty/toilet. The NO is very definate and usually comes with stamping and shaking of her head. Should I pursue or should I let it go (yet another time) a couple of months or more? We use pull-ups (big girl nappies) sometimes which she likes, and have tried training pants (which she will soemtimes tell me when she has wee'd but not before she needs to go.

Any tips please!!!


Hi there.
My 27 month old son is completely toilet trained during the day now. When he started showing all the signs at about 25 months I just put him in jocks and kept taking him to the toilet (mind you he was happy to go because it's what Mum and Dad does). However let her wet/poo in her nickers a few times and she wont like it then she'll probably be happy to go to the toilet. It takes a little while for them to realise what they have to do. I thought my son was never going to get it, but after about a week he got it now he tells me when he needs to go, I don't have to ask him every 5 minutes!!!! Toilet training is hard and it feels like they're never going to get it but they do and it's so messy. I got sick of cleaning up poos and wees all the time, but the end result is great when you don't have to change nappies any more! Good luck.
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