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My 15month old DS was given an expensive pair of Nike shoes as a gift which fit him perfectly now but he is going to ruin them very soon. He continually pulls the velcro so the velcro is not sticking as well already and its only been about 3 weeks since he has been wearing them. Therefore my point is, does anyone have any ideas on how to stop him doing this? I want him to get as much wear out of them as possible before he grows out of them as they are soooo gorgeous and he wont be getting any nice ones like these from me anytime soon..
aawww i wish i could help.noah is the same age and also has a really nice pair of joggers and he does the same thing.It is really annoying because he only has one pair and id like them to last.sorry i cant give give any advice,i need some myself lol

Sorry but I don't think there's much you can do if he's close to growing out of them do what you do now then get the velcro replaced after for the next one. Your lucky he wears them mine used to take anything on his feet off but he's 18 mths now and will actually bring his shoes to me to be put on. An idea could be to put something on his clothes that he'd play with more like one of those dummy string or something or I know it might not look that good, tape the velcro straps down with tape or a clear bandaid when he's not looking to try and beat him to it. Hope I have been some help I know how frustrating it can be.
My suggestion is get use to the concept of shoes being ruined. The reality is, they will need a new pair at least every 3 months as they grow so fast.

They all get scuffed and dirty within the first week of wear and you'd be lucky to get any hand-me downs for further kids.

In all honesty, who cares how cute they look, they are just shoes and no other person is going to give two hoots what his shoes look like.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I agree with Kazi.

I have noticed with both my kids that the younger they are, the quicker their feet grow. if they fit perfectly now, then chances are within the next month they will be too small. As for the velcro - I think they all do it. Both of mine love the velcro and take them off in the car. Try to avoid putting them on before you get to the car and put them on when you get to the destination.
Agree with Kazi too, it only took the purchase of 2 pairs of Clarkes to find that out and now we only buy Grosby or cheaper ones - its just not worth it. Grosby are good value I think, well made but less than half price of Clarkes.
This is so annoying!! We bought a cheap strip of velcro and each time we put my sons shoes on him we attached this piece of velcro to his pants. It is the sound he loved. So he had a piece closer to rip apart and he left his shoes alone. After a while he bored of it and now it is all good.

Hope this helps.

Megan (Harry Jan 2006, Isabella Feb 2007)

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