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ok I need help people, my 2 and a bit year old daughter has decided over the past month that she just does not want to eat her dinner, no matter what we do she will not eat it, this means she is not getting any meat or vegetables, does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to make her eat and also what techniques you all used when your little one didnt eat, ie putting them in their room or naughty corner,I have started to not give her food after 3pm because I thought that this might make her hungry for dinner but it doesnt seem to be working, any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!!!
Change her main meal to lunch time. She might prefer a sandwich at dinner and eat a large breakfast in the morning instead. If she is not hungry then don't force her to eat. You will only create life long habits of eating when you are not hungry. Have vegies as snacks in the afternoon or morning tea - carrots, fresh beans, raw brocoli stalks.


i agree with akina-nicole - don't force her to eat. My DD is 28 months and we are having similar issues except tea is the only meal she eats without a fight. i spoke to our doctor when she was kicking a fuss over food a few months back and the doctor said a) never argue with a child over food because they will make it into an attention seeking situation (any attention is good i guess) and b) in all her years as a doctor she had NEVER seen a child voluntarily starve to death.

she recommended we keep our DD on toddler formula but if your child wont drink it (we just put the powder into cows milk - she loves it like that) then go to the chemist and tell them - there are things you can get. when bec was sick the chemist gave me some stuff in a yellow box with a giraffe on it (incremin i think it was). basically it just gives them the vitamins they need when they don't get them from food.

good luck - 2yr olds are so challenging some days!
my little brother ate weet-bix for breakfeast lunch and tea until he was 6 he ate baby food and stuff until about two but then stopped all i can say is see health nurse they have some ideas on this and if there is something she likes there are ways to add vitamins and stuff now days and jerry signfelt(not sure on last name spelling) his wife wrote a book on how to hide veg in stuff like choc brownies and stuff its a good book of ideas and can get it from kmart

I am experiencing the same problem with my 20 month old. He used to be so good at eating his veges and would have a good old chew on roasts and steak etc.. Well, no more.. I agree with what someone else has said and that you don't argue over food times. For the past 2 weeks, DS has not eaten his dinner and although he will ask for something to eat before bed (which only sometimes do I give him a piece of cheese etc) he has not woken up during the night hungry. He still wakes up at 7 or so, just now he asks for his breakfast straight away.

I have also taken him out of his high chair for dinner and he sits up at the bench. I think that he prefers sitting there because he is higher (and probably feels more important!!).

Hang in there.

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HI all

My daughter went through this stage- and that's all it was- a stage (phew!). I tried the whole switching lunch with dinner- didn't matter, tried time out room- didn't matter, tried not feeding her after 3- didn't matter. I couldn't bring myself to not giving her anything though!

But what DID work for me was making sure we all (mummy, daddy and brothers) sat down at the table together and ate dinner together. The big thing was eating together! It worked wonders. Also, at times we would let her share food off our plate- she could actually eat the food off our plates- and that really worked- she would eat heaps. We still give her a smaller plate as she sometimes likes to eat off our plate!

I also found that getting her to help me with dinner would encourage her to eat more. For example, I would make individual meat and veg pie. Holly would cut out the shapes for her and one of her brothers, fill the pie, then coat the pie. Then when dinner was ready I would remind her how great the pie was that she made and she would eat it. Also because the shapes were animals we could ask if she had eaten the eyes, or the ears etc and she would each time!

Also we let her sit on a chair (no cushions, no high chair) so that she felt part of the family (she also has a children't table and chairs). We still get days where she won't each much, but since the whole family tea time, she will at least take one bite!

Good luck


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