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should I or should not I wash the security blanket Lock Rss

Hi ! ladies well my little one's blanky never ever been wash since she got it and now she is 16 mths old I'm not sure what to do? She takes it to bed during the day or night to help her to sleep. It's not dirty from food or dirt, I mean that blanky does not leave the bedroom at all. She like to licked it a bit and put on her face ect. I try to give her another blanky, one of her old one that she used when she was a baby but she look at it and touch it then she doesn't want it. Then she asked for the her one. What do you think I should do ? Does it really matter if it's not been wash ?
Please let me know what's your opinion! thanks heaps
i know exactly what you meran my dd is 2 on tuesday and she is exactly but my dd takes it every where even when we go out but i was lucky enough to get 3 of the same ones when i got it so i swap them when she isn't looking


Yeah I pondered that one for a while myself.

My son has a 'Taggy' - small piece of soft material with tags all around it. He uses it for sleeping only. I ended up washing it and it didn't bother him at all. The tricky part was getting it washed and dried in-between sleeps.

I washed it because he was about to start childcare and was a bit smelly. (It wasn't until he was 14 months before the first wash - had it since he was about 3 months).

I also thought it should be washed because he's had a few colds and thought it best to clean it.

(Mind you, I remember when I was a child, my security item was an elephant and had a distinct smell about it which I liked. I remember not liking it being washed..).
eli has a teddy as a security thing. when i want to wash it, i put him down for a day nap, and wait half an hour and go into his room and take it and wash it.

he does wake up earlyier than what he would if the teddy was still in his bed, but thats ok.

i wash his teddy, as he chews it.
Kaitlyn has a blankie as well. I wash it at least once a week (it's white lol) and normally put it in the dryer (only takes a few mins to dry). I find it still has the same smell to it as what it did before it was washed (it's not a stinky smell lol).
hi, my daughter is 2 and she has a lamb called cuttlet. she takes him everywhere and cant sleep without him. when she's upset she wants the sheep before she wants me LOL. he gets pretty smelly as she feeds him her food and milk etc...
i usually tell her that cuttlet needs a bath and get her to chuck him in the wash and she watches while i put the washing powder in and then i show her what is happening while he is in there.
another way is to let your child take it in the bath with them, my daughter loves taking her cuttlet in the bath with her!
she never use to like it when he got washed cos he didnt smell the same (stink!!) but now she is use to it and doesnt mind so much.
Hi. I think you absolutely should wash it. Maybe you could get your daughter to help to start with. Tell her that it needs to be clean like she needs to be clean. Then maybe get a little bucket of soapy water and she can wash it with you. Then if you quickly put it in the dryer and let her hold it when it comes out she can see how nice it is when it is dry and warm.

Hope this help.

Megan (Harry Jan 2006, Isabella Feb 2007)

both ds's have a toy, once a week if i know we are going out i change their sheets and tigger and cow have to go for a wash, i tell #1 that tigger needs a bath and now he runs to find it to put it in the washing machine and when he hears the washing machine beep he knows tig & cow can come out and he takes them to the drier and waits for me to turn it on and then when we return tig and cow are dry and waiting for them in the drier, they dont take the toys in the car really only use in bedrooms so they dont miss them when we are out.

Mandy, QLD, BJ 05/08/05 & KJ 11/05/07

my daughter kay also has her ted ted and i wash him bout once a week but i always plan ahead ill put him in the wash as soon as she wakes up or while she is havin brekkie and then go out for a drive if its a nice sunny day i put ted on the parcel shelf of my car so he gets all the sun and by the time we get home he is all dry and we didnt leave him at all.
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