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Outdoor activities for an almost 2 yr old??? Lock Rss

DD will be 2 at the beginning of June. She loves being outside, but i want some different ideas of things she can do.
She has a swing set, slippery dip and sandpit. There is balls of different sizes for throwing and kicking. She rides her bikes and has old dolls and pram which are for outside. We blow bubbles, do wet and dry chalk drawings and paint the house with water. She has a wheelbarrow, spade, shovel etc and Dad is going to build her a cubby house. Our block isn't ideal for a trampoline at the moment, but hopefully in 6 - 12 months when we've finished doing the backyard up, it will be.
Any other suggestions?

[Edited on 10/05/2008]
Sounds like you have it covered. LOL. The only other things I can think of are,
Ball games, kick a ball around.
Painting with food dye on large peices of butchers paper, use straws to blow the colours, squeeze the colour between the folds ect.
Good luck with the backyard renovations.
All the best.

Hi, my son is the same. We planted some hydroponic plants. He got to water them and when the tomatoes are ripe he gets to pick them. We also started a book where he can stick things in from outside.

You could also maybe set up a little treasure hunt for her. Hide little things around the yard for her to search for.

Hope these ideas help, but it does sound like you have it all covered.

Megan (Harry Jan 2006, Isabella Feb 2007)

Its a really good age for her to explore and self initiate play. Instead of proving EVERY thing for them doing the work for them, just let her go - you would be suprised what she comes up with.

A game DD created for herself is picking flowers, leaves, nuts, berries (what ever) from the trees and shrubs. She even picks up a bucket full of little pebbles and sets them out on a tea set for a pretend dinner.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

we started a garden of his own to take care of and water everyday, and what about a junior trampoline their only about a metre square i have the same problem with a small backyard but he seems to like the small tramp, it has a handle to help him stay stable. also trucks and cars are a good idea my friends dd loves them and playskool has a mower and snipper that was a hit with all the kids at my ds's 2nd birthday last year.

Mandy, QLD, BJ 05/08/05 & KJ 11/05/07


My DS is 18 months. he absolutely love's it when I have sheets and towls pegged on the line, we play Peak'a'boo running in and out of the washing, he just thinks it's the bees knees grin!!

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