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Toothpaste?? Lock Rss

Zoe's 16months and has about 10 teeth, (i think she doesnt let me in there to check too often) she does ok brushing them and will even let me help sometimes, but i was wondering when to start using toothpaste?

my MCHN said back at her 12 month visit when she learns to spit which is about 2, but a friend is using toothpaste with her little one and has been since she was about 12 months and she said that her denist told her too as soon as she got teeth.

so im confused
well my HCN also said she shouldnt use it until she can spit... but i just touch the toothbrush on the toothpaste so there is hardly any there.. a taste there and thats it... and she loves it.
i cant see it hurting them... they put worse things in thier mouth!

We waited until over 2 on the advice from our MCHN as well. We got Judd to practice swishing water and then spitting for awhile first and then attempted the toothpast - with only a tiny little bit on the brush.

Also please check the ingredients on you toothpaste because some of the 'yummy' tasting ones apparently have sugar in them which entirely defeats the purpose.

I know even some on my dentists have told me in the paste that toothpaste really isn't necessary just brushing with water is still good.

We still get a bit of toothpaste swallowed but for the majority of the times it gets rinsed & spat out.

yeah my ds has been using toothpaste since he got teeth at 4 months plunket told us to use a pea sized bit ds is now 15 months old and does a pretty good job by himself
hi all

the reason they reccomend u dont use toothpaste till they can spit it out is because fluride can actually be dangerous when ingested at least this is what i was told but my son uses it and he doesnt know how to spit he just drinks water after i figure its in tap water and he only ises a small amount i used to eat the stuff when i was a kid lol
My Eliza is 2 1/2 and brushes and spits very well. However she would eat the toothpaste and swallow all the water. Toothpaste was introduced regularly at about 18mths. We found that if my husband or I would brush together with her she would have someone to copy and it worked!
My bff is a children's dentist and she started to use toothpaste with her little boy at around 12mths as there is no fluoride in the water in QLD. She was more happy to keep his teeth clean than worry about stomach issues.
Also use a mirror when your Zoe brushes. They love to watch what they are doing!!
Have a good week!
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