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placid baby to 1year old tantrum thrower! Lock Rss

My DS has just turned 1. The first 12 months were absolute bliss...he was incredibly placid, laughed, giggled, slept and ate really really well. 12 months on, he still sleeps and eats really well, laughs and giggles lots too...but has started throwing these incredible tantrums. He has this high pitched piercing scream and now arches his back and throws himself down when he's in his high chair, in the pram, or sometimes when I pick him up from playing. I understand he's exploring, growing, developing...and exerting his newfound independence, but this overnight change in him has really thrown me. Anyone else experienced this and got any advice on how to deal with the high pitched screaming?? Hopefully the neighbours don't think I'm doing horrible things to him...

Hi there happy wanderer!! well it must be the birth date i think, my ds was also born 7-6-07 smile and has always been an extremely placid lil man, beautiful sleeper, eater, extremely happy etc etc but since turning 1 OMG he has turned into a real little monkey! not so much the screaming, but throwing lil tantys when i take something off him, or if something he is doing doesnt' go his way! he was hitting dh and i in the face (stopped that one) is throwing food everywhere, and some days just really grizzly! some days are just awful, others really good and he is as happy as larry! if i keep him busy it seems to help!

so i'm with you, where have our placid lil bubbas gone? god i hope he comes back soon hehe good luck smile Jodie

Sorry guys had a little laugh at both posts. I have a 11 month old son going on 13. So i know how u feels.
We have had tantrums for around 2 months. He also used to smack in the face but not anymore we got him out of that.
as for the screaming i ignore it, he gets the shits but realises that oh why bother mummy doesnt care and goes off and plays.
There personality changes so fast one second he'll be pushing his little block trolley around the house and he'll get stuck in the corner and the trolley gets pushed over he throws himself on the floor and screams. sometimes if he stops crying i'll help him and show him and explain how to get out of the corner and off he goes(not like he understands me or nothing") but if he is really going full screaming i let him figure it out on his own and he always does.
sometimes i gotta stop giving in so easily.
hope it all works out for u all.

aaahhh you've got to laugh haven't you! thanks Jodie and Mub for your responses. Must be something about the birth date if Riley is doing the same thing! It's just so weird that he can change overnight like that. As I said, he still eats and sleeps beautifully...and yep, has some great playful moments mixed with giggling fits, but oh my god, when something doesn't go his way...look out! With the screaming, I've decided to ignore it completely and let him scream. When he's finished, I'll go about doing with him what I was doing and then praise him for doing something good. He does smack me in the face sometimes and is starting to bite and no matter how stern I am when I say 'no'..he laughs at me! Hmmmmm...yep, a little monkey alright. Am in no hurry for him to turn 2. Where's my placid little bubba gone?

Maybe we have got the terrible 1's instead of the 2's smile hehe, lets hope so huh!! good luck with your lil man, lets hope they both turn back into good boys LOL! Jodie smile

it's like someone flicked on the tantrum switch! Maybe they should get together and battle it out...see who can throw the biggest tantrum lol. Good luck Jodie!

Riley has learnt to kick tonight sad when he has a little tanty he now kicks his legs like crazy!! not happy jan LOL can someone please turn the tantrum switch off now, i'm very tired of it all haha Best of luck to you too with your lil man, hope he doesn't learn to kick smile Jodie

Hi! My 17mth old was the same when he turned one! As a friend said to me, these are just warm ups! Wait until they really hit the tantrums! My son when he turned one, he wasn't to bad. He would head butt things and that horrible high pitch scream. And now its still the screaming, the tears, rolling around on the floor... Oh the joy lol!
Noooooooo.....please tell me they're not warm ups for the real deal! lol! Wil also kicks but I think he does it more in a playful manner, but he really hurts. When I say NO, he just laughs at me. He's doing ok at the moment though, still unsettled but I'm now thinking it's more because I stopped b/feeding him completely last friday and he's a little clingy. The screams are still around...but I read Robin Barker's book the mighty toddler and she says to ignore unwanted behaviour and recognise good behaviour which is what I've been trying to do. Hopefully, he will settle back into his placid ways....pleeeeeease.

God i hope these aren't warm ups hahaha riley hasn't been too bad the past few days either, but when he chucks his tantys he just kicks and kicks, i just hold him out from me so he can't get me, lil monkey! How did you go weaning wil?? riley is still having morning and night bfeeds, i am going to try and drop the morning one in the next couple of weeks, but it is the night time one i think will be hard as that is part of our bedtime routine! was it hard?? Jodie

Hi Jodie

Weaning was probably harder for me than it was for Wil because I really didn't want to stop. I dropped the morning feed first and gave him his milk in his sippy cup...which he's been having after lunch for a few months now, on his fold out couch. When I weaned that feed, I made sure I sat with him and gave him lots of cuddles and stroked his head while feeding. I did the same for the morning and night feeds..lots of cuddles and reassurance. Initially, he didn't like it and was upset and took a while to drink his milk...then he settled within a few days and is now drinking just fine. Wil is a little more clingy now but I've read that's also attributable to his stage of growth and development. As I said, was harder on me because I didn't want to stop (but due to circumstances, I had to)...easier to drop one feed at a time too for the sake of your boobs! I had to express the lumps out for a few days, now they're fine..still have milk but it's not uncomfortable. The big thing is, once you've decided to stop feeding, you can't go back and I struggled with that...but we're all good now, and to be honest, it's weird having my freedom back. Let me know how you get on.


hey Jodie, question...I've tried everything to get my lilypie ticker or a picture of wil as my signature but can't make it did you get your picture of Riley on here?


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