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looking for an elmo cup Lock Rss

can any one tell me where i can find an elmo cup?
i am trying to get my son off his bottles and he is addicted to elmo at the moment, so my theory was if i had an elmo cup then he might just take milk out itinstead?
any one had any success on things like this?
any web sites where there are cup for this typ of thing?
Target have the twin pack of cups with elmo on them not sure on the price.Kmart and Big W also sell them.If no luck in the shops you could try looking on ebay!!

Good luck.Let me if you can't get them.
went to kmart and target last night, the only elmo i found was a cup with a plate and bowl (3 set), which i got but i might try big W.
the cup has only worked for 1 drinks worth as soon as we got home i washed the cup and gave him milk, but this morning all he wants is a bottle, lets hope he will have milk this afternoon in the cup.

(fingers crossed)
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